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These days, everyone can make a pair of jeans. But if we’re aspiring for authenticity, we can’t deny that Levi Strauss made the first, way back in 1873. 142 years later, Levi’s are still making killer jean pant and it’s safe to say that by now, they kinda know what they’re doing…

The original blue jean was developed in the 1900’s as sturdy, comfortable get-up for the working class hero’s and is one of the only garments to live-on up ’til today, virtually unchanged. From construction sites to clubs, bus stops to runways – jeans are  still worn around the world by the whack and the wonderful…

In the 1960’s, jeans became a symbol of protest and rebellion and well, they’ve pretty much been present at significant events throughout world history and evolved with culture. Today, a perfectly fitted, good quality pair of jeans still symbolizes power, self-confidence or just being effortlessly cool.

A row of people in jeans sitting on the Berlin Wall in protest. 1989, Berlin, Germany. Image Sourced © David Turnley/Corbis

A row of people in jeans sitting on the Berlin Wall in protest. 1989, Berlin, Germany. Image Sourced © David Turnley/Corbis

In 1934, Levi’s revolutionized women’s fashion with the first-ever blue jean for women. For women today, jeans often fill the gap – they’re either the only item of clothing you feel like wearing or the default item you revert to when nothing else works.

Levi’s have just released their slick new range of women’s jeans together with ambassador, Alicia Keys, and other musicians from around the world who are taking their music to the next level. “Levi’s is for every woman… there is something for everyone… much like music, Levi’s brings people together from all walks of life and cultures,” says Alicia Keys in her exclusive #LiveInLevi’s video below:

Jeans are pretty personal things. Just like a good pair of shoes, they wear to your unique body shape and because almost anything can be done in jeans – they’re decorated with memories. Whether it’s paint splashes from jazzing up your first apartment or rips from scaling a wall into that party – your jeans have probably seen it all.

“I want to die with my blue jeans on,” said Andy Warhol, one of the leading American artists in the pop art movement. Warhol may have wanted to die in his but we’re curious, how do you live in yours?

See how other game-changing artists like mesmerizing French-Cuban duo – Ibeyi, Kurt Vile, Ryan Weaver, Benjamin Booker and Kavda Shishido live in Levi’s at www.liveinlevis.com and check out the new women’s denim collection at www.levis.co.za #LiveInLevi’s #LadiesinLevis

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