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Kif. Brand-spanking new Cape Town music label/art collective ‘1991’ has just launched with the “enlightened” pop music of Gourmet. Metronomy meets Thor Rixon in a jazz lounge; Gourmet’s sultry electro-pop-rock sure is a sweet papaya in the pants…

At the time of this post, Gourmet had a whopping one Facebook like on his Artist’s Page (which was probably him) and he’s still pretty underwraps on the interwebs. So all we can really tell you for the time being is that his sound is as crisp as a G&T at an all-white party and takes you on a smooth summer groove through smoky bass lines, fluent labrosones and magically modest vocals.

We’re not sure if the cover of his debut album, Cashmere (up top), is deliberately painstakingly pretentious. But maybe he really is just ‘tryna be cool so he don’t bore ya’, as his lyrics profess. We’ll also take a stab and guess that in between making sweet beats, Gourmet loves taking long  showers with his potplants, letting perfectly good paw paws go to waste and spends his weekends digging for gemstones at Cape Town’s Scratch Patch.

Either way, we still dig him and leave you with his debut track ‘Animals’ for you to judge for yourself. What do we know, we’re just a blog. And hell is just a sauna.

Check out Gourmet on Fakebook here and 1991 here.

And keep tabs on 1991’s slick website for upcoming releases for the whole of December.

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