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by Mahala Scribes / 23.07.2015

Street Scene is a pioneering Durban-based tours and events company that prides itself in being in tune with the very heartbeat of the city, its people and heritage.

The company was born out of a passion for Durban and KwaZulu-Natal, and a vision to showcase this vibrant corner of the planet to the world AND to locals wishing to step out of their comfort zone. Street Scene is run by individuals with real local knowledge, an intrinsic connection to the people of the region and a respect for the different cultures that call this place home.

Tours explore the thriving inner city, the colourful graffiti scene, the historic Inanda area, the powerful wilderness of Hluluwe, St.Lucia and the Drakensberg, and the diverse communities that surround the city.

Street Scene is also on the front-line of putting the city’s creative talents on the map through the annual Interpret Durban creative showcase and other events.

Tomy Takkies hooked them up with some fresh kicks in support of their journey off the beaten track…


Jonas Barausse – Street Scene Director, tour guide

“We started showcasing our city to the world five years ago. We’ve walked just about every square foot of this town. I’m a walker. And a talker. These Tomy kicks won’t stay white long! I like that…” – Jonas Barausse


Sthembiso Mbonambi – Street Scene Director, Tour Guide

“My job is all about sharing knowledge of the heritage, people and places of Durban. I’m from Kwamashu, we call the area INK – which stands for Inanda, Ntuzuma and Kwamashu. It has the richest heritage tracing the evolution to democracy. I can take you to visit the places where Gandhi and Dr Dube once lived; the place where Madiba cast his first vote and the place where Shembe religion originated. All in an afternoon.” – Sthembiso Mbonambi

Gabbi Morrell – School Tours Manager

Gabbriella Morrell – School Tours Manager

“The best part of my job is the balance between business and creativity… and being in Durban of course.”

How would you describe your style?

“I don’t have a particular style, I just go with how I feel when I wake up!” – Gabriella Morrell


Chantel Radebe – Street Scene Administrator

“I work as an administrator but what I’m really passionate about is poetry and singing. I’ve got an audition later (after work) for a Lion King theatre production. Never lose hope!”


*Images © Samora Chapman

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