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by Tseliso Monaheng / 28.08.2015

Rendani Nemakavhani (alias Missblacdropp) is a Jozi-based graphic designer, illustrator and curator of the multi-medium urban art project ‘30 Days & A City’. In an attempt to challenge city stereotypes, the project featured her work and that of eight fellow creators who live and work in Mzansi’s largest concrete jungle. We catch up with Missblacdropp a few months after the poignant exhibition to talk about trekking innercity Jozi and what she’s cooking up next…

Tseliso: Where are you most comfortable in the city?

Missblacdropp: I’m comfortable in most places in the city but mostly my neighbourhood. I like the atmosphere and the vibe of the area. I like the flavour that the space carries. There’s something about it that just makes you want to indulge in it.

Tseliso: Do you have any favourite spots?

Missblacdropp: Taxi ranks. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something that I find very interesting about the atmosphere.

Tseliso: How often do you take random walks in the city? Do you find that it’s walker-friendly?

Missblacdropp: As often as I can. It always depends on where one is in the city.


Tseliso: What do you feel can be done to improve Jozi?

Missblacdropp: If there was security everywhere, like they have on Main Street.

Tseliso: The exhibition for the ’30 Days & A City’ project consisted of a series of artists who were asked to document the city as they see it… Where did the idea to do the project come from?

Missblacdropp: It came from my frustrations with how people see the city, with how I am in the city and with how things are in general. So I thought it’s better to have ourselves telling stories about where we’re from as apposed to having people who are constantly telling us how our lives are and saying things out of context a lot of the time.

Tseliso: What were some of the outcomes of the ’30 Days & A City’ exhibition?

Missblacdropp: A lot more people (that I came across) told me that they felt more comfortable in the city.

Tseliso: What is playing on your iPod right now?

Missblacdropp: Dom Kennedy, a variety of his songs.

Tseliso: What creative projects are you pursuing at the moment?

Missblacdropp: I’m doing more commissioned work. I’ve also started exploring street art, which is something that I’ve been really interested in over the years but never had the time to do it. Now that I’ve started exploring it, I’m enjoying it and want to put my artworks up in different parts of the city.

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Rendani contributed a set of graphic designs (pictured above) dealing with commuting by taxi for the ’30 days & A City’ Exhibition.”Most things that I do are inspired by the city and its cultures and people. Diversity makes for great inspiration. I illustrate, design and do photography. I am an ideas and bigger picture type of creative…”

– Rendani Nemakavhani

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*Artwork © Rendani Nemakavhani (Missblacdropp)

*Images © Tseliso Monaheng

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