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by Mahala Scribes / 10.06.2015

Once upon a town there were a great many sad, empty walls until one day an eager east wind blew paint, purpose and 4givn’s through the streets…

4givn’s captivating and colourful graffiti has been sucking passers by into fairytales throughout Durban. We caught up with him to see what moves he’s been pulling ahead of Zakifo – where you’ll be able to get your one of a kind, custom-painted Delon Moody aka 4givn Tomy Takkies on Saturday 13 June at Rivertown Beer Hall, Durban. All proceeds from this rad initiative will go to HOLAH Baby House – a home for orphans, located in Glenwood.

We’re revealing the artists one at a time (just for the buzz). So far we’ve revealed artist Doktor Jah Irie and next up (in no particular order ladies and ma’gents) we have 4givn – one of Durban’s most firing graffiti artists.

Now that you’ve heard the prologue, let us open up to Chapter One…


Mahala: How long have you been painting in the public sphere for? Where and how did your love story with graffiti begin?

Delon: I started scribbling and vandalising in 1999 after my first trip to the amazingly colourful (and vandalised) inspirational Mother City. I got back to Durban in 2000 and went all out! That’s my Graf Love Story…

You’re known for your vivid, colourful work depicting animals and nature. Every piece is of course unique and comes with its own story but how would you describe your artistic style? Is there a common message you try to convey through your work?

I don’t really have a specific style. I’m always trying to develop something weird and new every time I paint. For now I’m just absolutely in love with painting animals and getting people to acknowledge them… The messages are coming soon!

What other art forms are you into (if any) and what is the appeal of painting in front of a crowd or in a public space?

I love painting acrylic on canvas and I’m not really a fan of painting in front of a crowd… it’s too much pressure! Public spaces are way more fun and spontaneous.

For you, what is the most exciting thing happening right now in the Durban art scene and where do you see your work fitting in?

I would say the Durban Street Scene graffiti tours guided by Dane Stops and everyone putting up pieces for my brother – the legendary PASTELHEART. The rest is what you make of it. Fitting in is not my steez… I just paint as much as I can, wherever I can!

Without giving too much away, what can the Zakifolk expect to see dalla’d on your canvas this Saturday?

In terms of Saturday’s piece – I’m still dancing on my drawing board. Nothing better than the element of surprise…


Delon, Dok and two more of Durban’s most talented artists (still to be revealed – since we like the element of surprise too) will be painting this Saturday 13 June at Rivertown Beer Hall, Durban. Stay glue-tuned to Mahala to find out who the next two artists are! Details below the visual feast.

delon3 delon-dragdelon1   delon-frog-1delon4delon2 delon1

Zakifo Muzik Festival: Saturday 13 June
Rivertown Beerhall, Durban
Tickets R80 presale / R100 at the door
Doors Open: 18h00

Line Up:
Felix Laband (South Africa)
Christian Tiger School (South Africa)
Make Overs (South Africa)
Raheem (South Africa)
Sketchy Bongo & Friends: Kyle Deutschmann, Witness the FUNK, Gemini, Sheen Skaiz, Aewon Wolf (South Africa)
Tumi (South Africa)

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*Images supplied by 4givn
** Lead image © Righteous Photography

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