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Max Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Max Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

by Yusuf Laher / 17.12.2009

“Max! Max! play ‘Hazel’s Joint.’ Come on!” yelled some drunk guy in the front row. “Ons is na die toekoms,” replied Ninja with a look of calmly threatening intent in his eyes that said, simply, “Max doesn’t live here anymore, move on.” Still the guy persisted. Ninja came over to us. I pictured a swift decapitation with minimal disruption. “Listen, I’m not gonna do that song, okay?” he said. And that was that. He did play “Super Evil” though.

I don’t know if the rest of their crew’s given up on them or just couldn’t make the trip, but tonight, Die Antwoord were down to two. With a laptop and their regular video backdrop, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and Ninja turned The Zulu Jazz Lounge into lyrical Swiss cheese, unleashing their own twisted take on the Cape Flats and thug life with the usual mixture of high energy and satire.

Covered in homemade prison tattoos, with a mouth full of gold and venom, Ninja seemed unusually pissed off and hateful. Stalking the stage like a wild animal in the corner, he spat out lines like, “Fuck Sweat.X and every one of their tracks. Markus Wormstorm is short and fat. They think I’m crazy. They think I’m a alien. Love me or hate me I’ll be back.”

This time, Watkin Tudor Jones (aka Ninja) has taken his role playing/method acting to all new levels of extreme, literally wearing his parody on his body: from gold teeth and a Bafana Cuts hairdo, to tattooing “Pretty Wise” on his neck in blue prison ink. Some say he’s crazy. Some think he’s lost his mind. But one thing’s for sure: the dude’s committed. So’s his wife and sidekick Yo-Landi, who’s also had some dental work and homemade tattooing done.

Another thing that’s undeniable is Ninja’s stage presence. The guy’s a born entertainer: explosive, volatile and intense. Every time I’ve seen him perform, as Max Normal, MaxNormal.TV and now as Ninja/Die Antwoord, he’s been nothing short of captivating. From all out angry rap to soulful R&B croons and laid back trippy wordplay. As usual, tonight’s performance included the customary Stage Dive of Doom.

Die Antwoord

Perhaps Durban was not ready for the stage dive!

It’s a bummer that, essentially, Yo-Landi and Ninja were just rapping over backing tracks, but songs like “Rich Bitch,” “Enter the Ninja,” “Wat Kyk Jy?” and “Super Evil” still banged with the kind of fury and menace I’d hoped for. Just picture the following chorus sung over a 2 Unlimited, Mortal Kombat-sounding track with a demented Afrikaans Smurf on backup vocals:

Ninja: Wat Kyk Jy?
Yo-Landi: Poephol!
Ninja: Wat Kyk Jy?
Yo-Landi: Poes!
Ninja: Wat Kyk Jy?
Yo-Landi: Fok jou!
Ninja: Wat Kyk Jy?
Yo-Landi: Jou naai!

Who knows what’s next or where their ongoing evolution will take them, but for now, Die Antwoord are an explosive, controversial and in your face live act. And even as a duo, they definitely still pomp…

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  1. louise says:

    put him in pollsmoor bietjie

    see how long he last

    the naai

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  2. Isolation says:

    Is it just me or does Waddy look a lot like Johnny Rotten in that first pic?

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  3. Riaz says:

    Black emcess trying to act american, now white emcess trying to act coloured.


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  4. Tshidi says:

    ^^ i agree..kak stuuuupid

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  5. Phalafala says:

    Yo lay off Mr Jones… he’s done some very cool stuff. Just as Yusuf says, “the guy’s a born entertainer”. At least he’s taking inspiration from South African experiences and stereotypes and turning them around. Beats the shit out of some Northern Suburbs Jozi kid dressed up hip hop® a la Kanye pretending to rap with an American accent and writing his rhymes with a thesaurus. Hip hop scene is LAME!

    I guess people in this scene aren’t ready for South Africans to take their cues and represent our own cultures on stage. All this hate is sad.

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  6. Canubis says:

    Gotta give the man his dues, he’s profuckinglific, for sure.
    So Max died, got resurrected, and died again, who cares – you want ‘Hazel’s Joint’, you can always listen to that album.
    Give the man space to express, he’s got more talent in his left eye tooth than mosta these
    swaggering wannabe-gangster fuckers.

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  7. Allah says:

    When the gimmick gets old, he probably going to hate those tattoo’s.

    Who the little girl that raps with him?

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Its funny how being poor and the wrong side of the tracks are the in thing….
    I use to get in so many fights cause ppl called me zeff
    This cats good performer but his fake as fuck

    He must bump into some real numbers, I wander if he knows wat those tattoos mean and if he can stand his ground for them

    Oo yolandi come from a rich family thats prob why she can act like this

    you ppl got Ewok why u still listening to this idiot

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  9. Cash Crusader says:

    In my humble opinion, he’s playing a character, again. Like the hip hop version of Ali G/Borat. Of course he’s not coloured. Just like Ali G’s not black. Still, they both provoke people and make them think? He’s an interesting character. Like some bizarre social commentator from another planet. Maybe not.

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  10. well blow me says:

    mr jones, once again doing backwards flick-flacks on the tightrope between genius and insanity. love him or hate him, at least he’s never boring.

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  11. pritam says:

    his offering is sophisticated, super intelligent satire with a huge dose of compassion and kindness – is that so hard to get..?
    he gives an intense social commentary that is not all head but guts, too.
    he is madly artistic and so is yolandi…
    we love it; we keep looking to their offerings..
    don’t take yourself sooo seriously, rather feel your environments with the kind of energy they do.

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  12. Doctor L. says:

    Why is he disapproving of Sweat.X?

    Does he feel jealous of Spoek’s success?

    I’m confused.

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  13. Don Dada says:

    Waddy got vuil plak, he’s always working at his craft and he’s definitely not boring like the rest of you cunts – what have you got? ya’ll just a bunch of spoilt for choice naaiers – as long as he stays away from Nommer Taal – let him do his thing! I spent a year on the road with him and Yolandi – they just working and trying to make a living and providing for their family like the rest of us, all they doing is making it interesting for themselves and not being slaves to the 9 to 5.

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  14. Doctor L. says:

    Don Dada

    Why is Waddy saying bad things about Sweat.X?

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  15. Don Dada says:

    Doctor L
    i really don’t know and i really don’t care.

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  16. Doctor L. says:


    The band looks cool in a conceptual way, I’ll say that much. Those don’t look like ‘numbers tattoos’ to me.

    I just can’t get with the music. Don’t get/feel Afrikaner nihilism.

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  17. Doctor L. says:

    Ok, Ok.

    I like some of their songs.

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  18. Blou Bul says:

    Here is an interesting fact

    Did you know that

    Yo landi visser (Die Antwoord)
    Markus Wormstorm (Real Estate Agents/Sweat X)
    P H Van Pletzen (Yesterday’s Pupil)
    Barend Pieterse (Kidofdoom)
    Werner Olkers (Wrestlerish/Sesling)

    All went to Pro Arte High School in Pretoria

    I Guess its safe to say…Pretoria does it BEST!!!!

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  19. well you can blow me well blow me says:

    waddy is kak boring. i’d rather become a fan of knots landing

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  20. snoek says:

    haha marcus wormstorm is short and fat.. Spoek is a gay crackhead who pees sitting down.. True story!

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  21. lisa says:

    From what I understand Marcus used to sleep with Max’s wive….hehe…no wonder there’s so much beef…

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  22. The JZA says:

    ah, the love.

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  23. Canada says:

    There is beef with X sweat because of past relationships. Can anyone explain why they needed to do this whole fake image thing? I get that he is super creative but people tend to get turned off fake shit, when they dont know its fake. Why lie about being married? Why lie about being gang affiliated. Why does Yolandi say she used to be a poor girl when she comes from a wealthy family. Nothing adds up. I imagine in SA people already know that its not real and all in the name of entertainment. But outside of SA most people think they are for real. I know a lot of rave MCs, professionals. They are who ther are. They dont fake shit because it is too dangerous to do so. Does Waddy roll with body guards? Or does he stay away from the really bad areas. Because I feel like the guy is going to get shot.

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  24. W0W says:

    Yeah they better not step on US soil with that fake sh!t!!!

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  25. Wowanker says:

    Yeah, the US will fuck their shit up. I mean, no one in the US rap scene is a commercial sell out poes, right?

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  26. Kuduboekpoes says:

    Ja, maybe Die Antwoord scares some people because it holds a mirror up to everything they hold sacred and believe is ‘real’. All of your ‘real’ rap heroes are just as fuckin ‘fake’ as Die Antwoord, just humourless and laughable. Kanye fuckin West anyone? He is the most plastic poes I have ever seen, Fiddy focken cent? That poes spends too much time in the gym to be a straight man. So just keep mindlessly beleiving in your lekker ‘real’ rappers, but I know that in the back of your mind there will always be a little voice reminding you that you are being taken for a poes. That little voice is DIE FOKKEN ANTWOORD!!!

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  27. Chikkin says:

    People take this band way too seriously… It’s a pantomime, folks, made to entertain. They poke fun at everyone, including themselves:
    “F**k Sweat.X and every one of their tracks. Markus Wormstorm is short and fat.” – Bonus track. Ninja used to be Sweat.X and Markus Wormstorm. He also used to be Max Normal.

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  28. Andy says:

    Uh no chikkin, Ninja was never Sweat.X or Markus Wormstorm. He did once collab with Spoek and Markus…

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  29. antiwow says:

    O i see WOW…. so the us will fuck his shit up?? hehe

    send Eminem over and well see who fucks who’s shit up….
    he a bit scared to tour here… saying the “shithole” is not for him

    hate you american fucktards poesse

    and by the way, our ppl are way more hardcore then you pussies, even while not trying
    we just are..

    let go and be the poes youre meant to be.

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  30. Gangsta Gangsta says:

    PLZ send NINJA to US soil. We will give him all of our money drugz and starletz!!!!

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  31. Anonymous says:

    If anyone is still reading this old ass article, Die Antwoord got signed to Interscope in the states. Thats the same Record company incharge of Dr Dre, Eminem, 50 cent, Black Eye Peas, Timberland, the list goes on and on. So I think he proved his point.

    Long live Die Antwoord!

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  32. droopy says:

    Found a cool site about Die Antwoord with the answers we look for 🙂 check it out here!! http://www.dieantwoordzeflings.com

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  33. dawid says:

    This man is a genius! How many okes actually believe in the dreams they dream, not giving a fuck whether other people like or dislike them, create an idea and make it reality. Youll never understand unless you have tried it.

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  34. Hayley says:

    Whoa, Yo-Landi and Ninja are married…..?

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  35. Andy says:

    No Yo-Landi and Ninja are not married!

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  36. Die Antwoord says:

    They’re not married at all, check out die-antwoord.net
    You’ll see it all there

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  37. Whateever says:

    Who cares if they r real or not? They make good vids mind-blowin Music the Most entertaining concerts I’ve ever been and they’re just cool the Way they are. What’s Fake about cutting hair havin Inks or wear weird clothes? That’s just their outward appearance isnt it? So how can it say something about a Person is Fake? As Long they’re enjoying their fans and theirselves evrything is fine.

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  38. maxnormal.tv says:

    Zef like a young Hugh Heff, oh yes!

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  39. Bent Normal says:

    hah. so Marcus banged YoLandi, eh?

    That would explain a lot of shit-
    * MN.TV sudden breakup
    * Destructo’s songs about breakup, making up and being lonely (presuming WTJ dropped YoLandi from the band)
    * WTJ sudden snapping and anger.

    What you say to that?

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