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Your Mom’s House

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 15.04.2013

What would you do if you found a mansion on the mountain with views of the Clifton sunset just sitting there empty? Instagram? Write your name on the wall? Or invite your friends over to throw some concrete so you can skate the pool?

For three months a bunch of the Mother City’s finest have been chilling in an abandoned house they found, having braais and building transitions to skate the empty pool and other relevant obstacles. They’ve been kicked out a couple of times, chased away, but it hasn’t stopped them coming back. They spent a whole week modifying the pool just so they could skate in it. And it became the impromptu skate park of the summer. This video was shot over a 3 month period, while they ‘owned’ this fine real estate.

So this goes out to all you Atlantic Seaboard mansion homeowners… and your moms. If you’re gonna leave a house like that empty, abandoned, derelicte! Then don’t blame the skate punks who come and claim it and use it for legitimate DIY purposes. You can be damn sure that house never had so much fun.


*Video curtesy of TooMuchRadness and Your Mom’s Wheels.

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