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Run Like You Being Chased

Run Like You Being Chased


Although the name Ruben Ramolefi sounds like a character from Generations, don’t be fooled the 31 year old athlete is one of our leading lights on the athletic track. And Ruben likes to lead from the front. His event is the 3km steeple chase. A technical and arduous race that requires a high level of skill, focus and determination to do well at. Since bursting onto the scene in 2004, he’s won no less than 5 National Senior Championship titles and has represented the Rainbow Nation with distinction at every major athletics event on the planet, including the Olympics, Commonwealth and African Games as well as the World Athletics and World Cross Country Championships.

Although athletics is where he ended up, he came to the city of gold to play football and study law. Blessed with a big heart, unshakeable faith and a talent that won’t quit until he’s leapt the last hurdle, look out for Ruben on a podium at the 2012 London Olympics.

Ruben Ramolefi

Where were you born?
I was born in Kimberley; spent the first few years of my life in Upington and moved to Topline where my parents still reside.

Why do you live in Jo’burg?
I first came to Jo’burg to pursue a career in football; March of 2001 and I wanted to study Law as well at that point. Now am here because of my studies and athletics.

What is your earliest memory of running?
I ran a 1200m in grade four with guys that was older than me, they were very good, but I beat them convincingly.

How does the city inspire you?
The atmosphere in Jozi inspires me in the sense that a lot of the young people are career driven and are always busy to find ways to improve their lives.

Which other South African/ International runners do you admire?
Hendrik Ramaala, Ezekiel Sepeng and Mbulaeni Mulaudzi. I admire them for different reason; there is something specific to learn from these three athletes.

What are the every day challenges you have to deal with?
Every day is a challenge, but knowing that God is with me through these challenges comforts me and propels me. Being an athlete in South Africa who wants to be the best in the world gives you that extra challenge because you have to at the same time focus on my studies and other of the track activities.

What is your fondest memory?
My financial Accounting lecturer bought me my first pair of training shoes and my best friend bought me my first pair of spikes, which was Nike Zoom waffle. Both of them were determined for me to run. These moments stay with me because it was these people who showed how much they believed in my talent.

Find out more about Ruben and the other Nike IAM1 Revolutionaries here.

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  1. David Steynberg says:

    What starts out with an entertaining intro analogy is let down by a bunch of very weak questions. Find out a bit about the guy; what maketh him so good and not his reasons for moving to Jozi (nor how the city inspires him!) Seriously, who cares – unless there’s a reason for asking the question in the first place. The only reason he answered this question was because he seems to be a polite and humble guy.
    Lastly, next time edit the guy’s answers because it makes him look like a chop – not the guy penning them. Rule of concord guys: “Being an athlete in South Africa who wants to be the best in the world gives you that extra challenge because you have to at the same time focus on my studies…”
    Sorry for the negative comment, but it was a let down.

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  2. David Steynberg says:

    The photos were, however, very good!

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