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Pink Bulls

by Andy Davis / Images by Justin McGee / 03.05.2012

Pretoria home of the boerewors and brandy combo and that old archetype of unchallenged Afrikaans masculinity. And what better manifestation of this masculinity than the mighty Bulls rugby team, who have dominated the game for many long years with their unique brand of highly physical 10 man rugby. But now, all of a sudden, as if to punk that proud heritage of manliness, the Bulls are playing in pink. Not for charity, or some far-fetched once-off marketing gimmick, but a bonafide away kit in swatches of pink, cherise and berry magenta. In a MAHALA video exclusive, we braved Fortress Loftus and asked the fans and the players some tough questions about their new kit. Check it!

*Video credits:
Director – Andy Davis
Camera – Justin McGee
Editor – Dan Clayton
Wingman – Hagen Engler.

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