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Blame it on the Boogie!

by Craig Jarvis / 15.07.2009

Dane Reynolds is the future of professional surfing. That’s what every media platform is shouting about right now. He has the flair, the talent, the attitude, the intelligence and, apparently, the looks as well. Last year things were a bit different. “I looked forward to having a heat against Dane,” said Greg Emslie on the beach today. “He was terrible out there. This year he has come alive. Looks like he has found some really good boards.”


His opening wave against local hope Sean Holmes was incredible, fitting into and riding a warping barrel from the top of the Carpark section all the way into a North West Impossibles cauldron, where he quickly whipped off the top a few times to open with a perfect ten. He seems to surf along the lip more than vertical, which is still a red-hot option for surfing a fast, barrelling wave like Supers. Unfortunately he didn’t make it to the final, but he did show the South African audience a glimpse of what the future is set to look like, according to the media.

Sean Holmes

After Slater went down, failing to catch any good waves in his heat, the door was wide open for Parko to walk in and sail on through to the final. Coming up against Damien Hobgood, it was a very one-sided affair, with the goofy-footer doing a few down-the-line kind of turns and not really kicking up any spray whatsoever. Parko’s opening ride of 9.47 put him in a place both physically and psychologically, where he wasn’t going to be tested throughout the whole final. Three wins for Joel, and a wide gap of points now means that the world title is his to lose. Finally.

Knox knocks Slater

Yesterday might have been the ultimate day of surfing at Supers, with the ridiculous barrels spinning all the way down the point, and the world title race might be game on for a new champion and a long overdue changing of the guard. And yet I can’t shake this niggling feeling, this unsettling chill that has overcome me through the last few days, that I am really, really bored with competitive surfing. It hasn’t gone. I got massive goosebumps when Sean Holmes caught that wave against Taj, and when I saw Kelly kick out of the longest barrel down there by Salad Bowls it was an amazing moment as well, but as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the contest was really not that exciting at all.


Does pro surfing need a new format? A new tour? New venues? Wave machines?
Bring it on. Please…

Pics courtesy Kolesky/SanDisk

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