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Another day in J-Bay

by Craig Jarvis / 14.07.2009

It’s hard to dig for dirt when the best right hand point break in the world is going completely off its tits. Lifetime enemies start hugging on the beach, grudges are forgotten, everyone is buying everyone else a cup of coffee and a warm bacon and egg roll, and the whole world is smiling and loving life.

Supertubes came on today as only she can, and combined with the massive build up of sand that has been spoken about for days on end by the media, has made for some of the most incredible barrels ever seen here. Six foot on some sets and peeling all the way to the N2.

Sean Holmes showed his form again in an earlier heat, taking Supertubes hero Taj Burrow down, properly. While not wishing to detract from Taj’s performance, he got spanked like the naughty manchild he is. If Taj got spanked, then the South African kid-in-a-man’s-body Jordy Smith got whipped. Dane Reynolds was going for some crazy under-the-lip hacks and twists, while Jordy looked a little staid and dare I say it boring. I’ve been hanging with the Jordster and he rips his shred stick more than anyone I know, but Dane smoked him today. Whoosh! Nuff said.

Dane Reynolds

Slater went to town in his heat and had the crowds cheering, whistling, screaming in appreciation and eventually laughing as he rode down through the Tubes section and past the non-competitors whilst standing tall in tube after tube. I forgot who he was up against. The surfer didn’t show any form. Muscroft? He got combo’d and more. He lost face. He too got his ass spanked, embarrassed, schooled. I would probably retire after a thrashing like that, but most surfers are thick skinned enough to take it. And I’m too sensitive, apparently. Slater’s performance looked like that of a man who has suddenly found serious motivation and desire, and has his mojo back, in a big way. Today’s performance actually made him look completely and utterly unfucken beatable.

Kelly Slater

Fanning got smashed by little known Frenchie, Michel Bourez, Greg Emslie went down to Aussie Bede Durbidge, and Sean Holmes beat Mick Campbell to advance through to the quarter-finals. All eyes on Holmsie, because he could actually win this thing.

Oh, and this morning, first thing, untouchable surfing legends from the 80s and 90s Tommy Curren beat Mark “Occy” Ochiluppo in the Clash Of The Icons. The waves were completely crap, and far from iconish. Apparently they’re going to run a rematch tomorrow, just before the finals, yawn…

Jordy Smith

All images courtesy Kolesky/SanDisk

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