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Two Balls Short

Two Balls Short

by David Southwood / 01.05.2013

David Southwood is something of an underground South African photographic heavyweight. He’s self-taught and has been in the game for over a decade now. He specialises in a unique style of capturing ‘nothing in particular’ with a keen interest in the random and often overlooked aspects of contemporary South Africana. He has never before shot the Puma Social Club. His other work is housed in the collections of the the South African National Gallery, The Finnish Museum of Photography, The Christoph Merian Stiftung, The Spier Art Collection and numerous private collections in South Africa and abroad. Southwoord has spent 10 years photographing the Milnerton flea market. He hasn’t just got a good eye for a shot, he’s also a bit of an academic; lecturing at universities and writing for the art press. He set up a non-profit organisation, Umlilo, in the Western Cape to assist the development of street photographers. This night he trained his eye on the PSC while Lark and Mr Sakitumi delivered the sonic entertainment.

* All images © David Southwood

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  1. Girl says:

    Hi, can I just be honest here?
    Cause well it that’s what comment sections are for n stuff? I am a huge fan of Southwood’s work. I have listed him as an inspiration for all my projects, drawn closely on his photographic eye and ghasped at the colour and composition of his work.
    However, having said that, this collection, makes me very skeptical and uneasy. I am not one to judge as I’m just a fan with perhaps no critical expertise, but this series compared to his other work, is… disappointing at that.
    You can just click on his website link and compare for yourself….

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  2. another girl says:

    yeah. huge southwood fan. but these are just plain kak.

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  3. Cde Tjatjarag says:

    Hey everyone can have an off-night. These are definitely not Southwood quality pics. I guess the title says it all. Two Balls Short…

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  4. Cde Tjatjarag says:

    Still they do capture a little bit more than the average Puma galleries… just saying

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