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Teen Rage

by Olivia Mortimer / 04.09.2013

“My photography is mostly about being a teenager.” Says photographer Olivia Mortimer. “I’m interested in the juxtaposition of innocence (being young, dumb and carefree) and rebellion.”
The 20 year old is currently double majoring in Film and Photography at The Open Window School of Visual Culture. She cites Ryan McGinley, Nirrimi Firebrace and Sally Mann as inspirations. “Ryan McGinley opened my eyes to a whole new world, nude photography! The images he creates are so raw and honest, just him and his friends in nature being themselves. Since discovering his work I’ve shot a few nudes myself.
Nirrimi Firebrace inspires me because we’re the same age and she has a few campaigns under her belt, so that shows me that passion and drive can get you anywhere. And finally, I admire Mann’s work, especially the photographs of her young children. Every single image is stunning.”

A collection of her work has been featured on SubjectMatterArt and showcased in Japan. Along with some friend, she started the LoveChild collective, for which she mainly shoots video.

Last Friday, she took her Canon 5D mark ii to the Puma Social Club in Jozi and the images kind of echoed her dark mood.

*All images © Olivia Mortimer.

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  1. oolifant says:

    hate to be that guy, but…“I’m interested in the juxtaposition of innocence (being young, dumb and carefree) and rebellion.”…um…clearly you didn’t find that juxtaposition here…cuz these are shite.

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  2. Lionguard says:

    I think it rocks. Its real. Its not over-process or the “good side and great lighting” of someone or something, but it felt more real than some fake ass post-worked other crap.

    Keep it up, I diggit !

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