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Sweat Fact

by Justin McGee / 06.03.2013

Last Friday Somerfaan and Bittereinder returned to that place on the ouskirts of the inner city, bringing their hard-edged Afrikaans electronica and hip hop rhymes to the resident hipsters who call the Puma Social Club home. We asked for sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, people getting both loose and naked. We wanted to put an SNL warning on this gallery! Our man with the cam, the newly-serious Justin ‘Sweatface’ McGee was more circumspect. “I know the angle you want, but JHB isn’t always like that. It wasn’t a naughty crowd and that’s a Sweat Fact!”

And yet, he still managed to deliver some fine imagery from the evening’s festivities.

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*All images © Justin McGee.

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