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Perfectly Imperfect

by Janeke Wissekerke / 20.08.2013

Born and raised in Glencoe, KZN, Janeke Wissekerke left to study Architecture at The University of the Free State where her interest in film photography was sparked. She studied it alongside her degree for a few years. Throughout her time working as an architect in SA and abroad, she pursued her longstanding relationship with photography and gained experience under photographic portrait professionals in Brisbane. Janeke’s knowledge in architecture and design provides a different outlook, no matter how modest the subject. She never attempts perfection, believing in the incomplete, impulsiveness and unconventional that makes everything unique. Here’s what she saw at the Puma Social Club last Friday night.

* All images © Janeke Wissekerke

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  1. Anonymous says:

    KIF!! some interesting images in this range, wanna see more

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  2. mizzGutter says:

    last friday saw her takin pics running around at Puma, she was nice, I got sorta hit in the eye accidentally, she crossed the stage past everyone to get to me, ask if I was OK, tell her thnx pls – aw and my eye is doing fine

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