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Holi Jozi

Images by love.hate.music / 10.04.2013

They’re calling it ‘Blasphemy Fest’ in the Hindu community. In fact there’s been so much negative PR, the organisers changed the name from Holi One to the We Are One Colour Festival, just in time for the Jozi leg. In India and Nepal, where the traditional Hindu Holi festival originates, it is a celebration that welcomes spring and all its vibrancy. It’s a day where people are supposed to unite, embrace and celebrate as equals. In Mzansi it’s a rave with a coloured dye gimmick, and despite the good vibes, you can only be involved if you’ve got the money to buy the ticket. Still… it was a good party.

* All images © love.hate.music

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  1. bourgeois piggy says:


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  2. Moloch says:

    to be honest, im just looking for black or brown faces

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  3. humbug says:

    I’m calling it blasphemy…

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  4. Andy says:

    I love you humbug

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  5. cnut says:

    ” you can only be involved if you’ve got the money to buy the ticket”

    Welcome to the REAL world you dumb fucking leftie!

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  6. morgmorbid says:

    …looks more like an OMO ad, dof

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  7. Uncle Satan says:

    Doesn’t look like a big crowd at all. Shit idea. Stupid party. Do not return.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    kak pics.

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