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Girls of the Puma Social Club

Girls of the Puma Social Club

by Andrew Berry / 30.07.2013

Photographer Andrew Berry runs the blog we-are-awesome. We sent him and his big ginger fro to the Puma Social Club on Friday night. Seems Mr Berry has developed a rather unhealthy fixation with Braamfontein’s finest ladies. Without any further ado, here’s his signature collection of the Girls of the PSC.

*All images © Andrew Berry.

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  1. Gentleman Villain says:

    Dear Mahala

    More Brassai and less Thunda.com, please.


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  2. oolifant says:

    so there were no dudes at this thing at all?

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  3. Miss Media says:

    girls showing their boobs and pics and of girls bums… tut tut photographer! Not impressed at all.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Really lady? Nipple and all for some random camera? Classy….

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  5. humbug says:

    ya hey. leaves rather a bad taste in my mouth….
    women, objectified once again.

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  6. Ling Ling says:

    Are you “tut tuters” saying that this lady, had no right to show her her nipple for the camera and get it photographed. Really. And why is that objectifying woman. Jesus fucking christ. Its a bloody boob and some bums.

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