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Frown Upon

Frown Upon

by Justin McGee / 26.10.2012

When The Frown play they literally are the jol. And that’s what happened when they took the stage at the Puma Social Club last Friday. Sweatface McGee was on hand to snap the pictures. Johannesburg rocked up and shook off the week. Now make sure you’re registered for tonight’s festivities here, featuring the Anti Retro Vinyls, DJ Keyes and Matt Suttner.

*All images © Justin McGee.

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  1. GoatBrain says:

    Mr McGee has managed to successfully capture AIDS. Well done.

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  2. Andy says:

    I think that’s a compliment… take a bow McGee!

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  3. bill says:

    love ’em

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  4. TheBeard says:

    Tonight’s line up is actually : Moejoe versus Minx, Yesterdays Pupil and Tumi, and Matt Suttner. The Anti Retro Vinyls and DJ Keyez are next week 🙂

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  5. More KFC for the seagulls says:

    @goatbrain AIDS? Really? That’s not okay. There is 100% chance you know and care about someone with HIV whether you know it or not. You’re a dick. I hope Evie steals your drink and cigarettes before she pukes on your shoes. Poes

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