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Car Bar

Car Bar

by Brian Molepo / 02.07.2013

Brian Molepo, self taught, fulltime photographer who has been shooting for about two years and has a massive boner for black and white photography. He started out with just a small camera that could only shoot black and white and the dude fell in love. In the words of the maestro, “it’s not just B.W photos, it’s B.W moments.” He dropped his first solo exhibition at the Mills in Joburg last month – a sell out. Molepo likes to describe himself as “an artist who documents the personality of fashion”. We let him loose on the PSC last week, with Tommy Gun and Matt Suttner behind the desk and Slikour on the mic. This is what he saw.

*All images © Brian Molepo.

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  1. Krokodil says:

    weak as fuck.

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  2. humbug says:

    Okay Brian, i’ve seen your fashion…
    …stick to fashion
    Or, if you must go down this route (see above),
    firstly get other people to write about you (this was all you)
    and second, get lightroom or other editing software.
    Cos these are underexposed and boring.

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