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Brother Man

Brother Man

by Justin McGee / 31.01.2013

Those golden theatrical afronauts, The Brother Moves On, brought their loud, eclectic style to the Puma Social club last week. Hipsters, black jews and tattoos. Ol’ Sweaty McGee was behind and, at times, in front of the lens. Get your stalk on.

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  1. conservative says:

    silly looking people.

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  2. Sara says:

    Joburg’s most overrated band, take away the costume changes and then what…?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Sara, really. Overrated by who? And who is your most humble opinion is a great jhb band?

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Haters gonna hate, ie Sara

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  5. Raytheon says:

    Sara your face is overrated! Shameless plug bitch! http://www.thebrothermoveson.com. BUY SHIT!

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