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You Broke My Boyfriend

You Broke My Boyfriend

by Brandon Edmonds / 10.11.2010

Werner and Marius own a screen. They rent out décor. It’s made of white lycra. You stretch it across a wall and beam ‘3D effects’ on it. Gives any club an instant techno-futuristic vibe and “can change the shape of a room” as Werner puts it. He and Marius are gay. They’ve been together for almost a decade. That much commitment makes their love rock solid in high turnover gay terms. But this has little bearing on the horror to come. They’re event planners and familiar faces in Cape Town’s trance scene. Everyone likes them. They’re fun, open and honest.

Anyway the screen is languishing at Club Ras below high-end men’s club House of Rasputin. Why Rasputin? Russian owner, Mark Kozhanow, who had one of his dancers imprisoned at Pollsmoor last year when she couldn’t repay her R120k debt to him, explains: “I like him – he was a crazy motherfucker!” Okay. The boy’s haven’t been paid for the use of their décor at an event in the club. It was a weird gig to begin with. Marius fell off a ladder and broke his elbow putting up the screen. Weeks in a cast. It was a bad omen. The event organizer won’t give the screen back. They’re owed money. It’s not looking good.

Marius and Werner go to the cops. “They’re holding it against your will. It’s illegal. Go get it.” Fair enough. But the organizer begs them to use the screen one last time. Even invites the boys to the party. And they let him. Because that’s who they are. But around 4am they heedlessly to go get their property themselves. “It was a bad choice,” says Werner. “We should have waited.”

The place is open. Proving that the nighttime economy never sleeps. They go in. Werner begins removing the damn screen. Marius disappears. It’s not easy getting the thing down yourself. Then one of the girls runs up and says, “Marius is busy being beaten up.” Which is exactly what’s happening. Bouncers are working him over. “They’re obviously much bigger than we are,” says Werner. It doesn’t stop him from defending his lover. He urges someone to call the cops and squares up to them. Marius is unconscious by now. “There’s blood coming out of his ear.” Werner is soon punched in the face. A blow that instantly dislodges his cheek. Asked if the attack felt motivated by their sexuality, Werner doesn’t hesitate. “It felt like they were beating us up for a reason.” The bouncers weren’t local. “Maybe they come from places where they don’t have a diverse outlook on life as we do in Cape Town?” Eyewitnesses say it was mainly “one violent bouncer” who hurt Marius. “A big black body builder guy with short dreadlocks” – who has since been arrested. “The bouncer needs to be shown,” Werner says, “that he can’t just act like that!”

One of them tells Werner he broke the club’s projector when taking down the screen. This is offered as belated grounds for violence. Meant to explain. With Marius still unconscious and bleeding, a desperate Werner replies, “You broke my boyfriend!”

Marius has no recall of what precipitated the assault. Remembers nothing of the night. The police arrive and stand around. They’re rumoured to be on Rasputin’s payroll. The bouncers want Marius off the premises. He’s clearly grievously wounded. Blood keeps coming out of his ears. He’s terribly still. Werner begs them not to move him. To wait for the paramedics. But the bouncers want him out of sight, off their hands. He asks the police to intervene. They do nothing. “Our police need to be held accountable for what happens on the streets,” Werner says. His partner has a fractured skull. Later blood will be drained from his brain at Groote Schuur. His head cut open. Bouncers each take a limb, carry him out and put him on the pavement. Marius on the pavement. Bleeding outside Club Ras. And the House of Rasputin.

Sociological studies have shown that the ‘job satisfaction of bouncers is related to their self-image as a strongly masculine person capable of dealing with – and dealing out – violence’. Depending on the sensibility and professionalism of the bouncer, a gay couple immediately challenges that volatile mix. There’s a Private Security Act in Britain. It imposes licensing and training requirements on door stewards and other private security. Anyone with a criminal record is denied accreditation. Things are less regulated in South Africa. As someone writes on Marius and Werner’s support group wall – “Security is normally ‘outsourced’ to the large security firms that control the various territories in Cape Town. These guys have no desire to protect patrons. It’s a super shady world that the law is too afraid to tackle. Unfortunately the majority of bouncers are in that position not because of their desire to protect but rather their ability to inflict serious pain and feel no remorse whatsoever.”

They still haven’t got their screen back.

Werner and Marius (who is walking and talking again) do not have medical aid. They’ll need a lawyer.

Please help.

Send whatever you can to –

Nedbank Gardens
Account no: 2010130197
Branch Code: 10100900

Email: mariuswerner@earthling.net

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  1. JM Koet$ee says:

    Fucking hell. This is outrageous.

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  2. lebsta says:

    oh yes “the gays” : the new blacks… these ignorant steroid/coke injecting fcks should be rooted out… CT is in serious shit! Can we get more print articles too please. My heart goes out to the couple…

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  3. anothergayboy says:

    this is insane! the owner MUST have his licence revoked. the ‘bouncers’ MUST be jailed. this hideous club MUST be boycotted by everyone….

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  4. fred says:

    Crazy! these two are the most peaceful people. Down with club RAS! boycott boycott

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  5. Friends of Marius and Werner says:

    These are the most peaceful people I know, for them to be beat up is just fucking crazy and the culprits deserve to be jailed!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Deborah says:

    Mahala. The truth will set you free.
    Big ups for standing up and speaking out!!!

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  7. fred says:

    Anyone know a good lawyer that will be willing to take up a cause?

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  8. julie says:


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  9. Mike says:

    Geepers man. That pic made the blood drain from me. Dude. So sorry. Horrible.

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  10. Brad says:

    A disgrace on House of Rasputin.
    Shame on them. To jail with the violent psychos. And don’t forget the idle cops who stand by!
    Be aware! Take care. And take action!

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  11. Lizzy says:

    tried to make a donation – but the account number or branch number seems to be incorrect, and there is no receipient name to enter. anyway, i did try.

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  12. Don Dada says:

    i hate fuckin bouncers! they can dish it out but not all of them can take it, time to take back our city from these ex-mercenaries and illegal immigrant gangsters – These Russian assholes are not the only people who have muscle in this town, we will fuck you up, cops or no cops as your buddies, we are the original Kaapse naaiers, expect a drive-by, and that goes to all the club and bar owners in CT who hire these roided up thug morons – ons gaan julle aan die brand stiek!
    what happen to ‘the customer is always right’? they hide behind that ROAR sign, you spend money in their clubs and get treated like shit – i’m ready to blow motherfuckers up man!

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  13. Kristi says:

    Oh my shitstix! I’ve met those guys and they are really spliff guys. That’s so bad!

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  14. John says:

    Nice bit of selective reporting of a situation. First off “The Ras” and “House of Rasputin” are not one and the same. Different people in charge so no need to drag House of Rasputin through the mud, the issues were with The Ras.
    No mention of the fact that the gents were welcomed to take their property when customers weren’t around and with suitable proof of ownership on the following Monday, to which they agreed. It also doesn’t mention that they returned at 4am, obviously seriously intoxicated, after the club was closed. They snuck into the garage door while a company vehicle was being put away. They started tearing down this fabric, in their drunken state ripping expensive equipment off the wall, amongst this destroying a projector probably worth more then all their property.

    Then the poor bouncer, the reason the police did nothing was because a woman who appeared to be accompanying Marius and Werner was pointing out that in fact the bouncers were not involved with Marius sustaining his injuries. Conveniently she has gone quiet and disappeared now that there are hospital bills. Now the poor bouncer who is in fact a gentle man is sitting in jail away from his family for something he didn’t commit. Take responsibility for what you caused, come clean and let the poor man out of jail.

    As for the mention of the dancer, if anyone else came into the country, borrowed R120k and then tried to skip the country they would be seen as the criminal they are. But as soon as she is a poor little dancer she’s seen as a victim. House of Rasputin helped her, wrote off any debt they could and offered her debt counseling and how does she repay them? Tries to jump on a plane to skip the country. What all the reports on that incident also don’t mention, the lawyer who graciously stood forward and helped this poor criminal is in fact Mavericks’ in house lawyer. Can anyone say blatant smeer campaign? She got off, South Africa lost that money, staff hardly got christmas bonuses last year.

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  15. brandon edmonds says:

    Gee…John have you had a look at Marius’ head? A disappearing woman who can prove everything you claim is actually INconvenient for anyone trying to get at the truth.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    WOW.. John… “that poor bouncer” cracked someone’s skull open and almost killed him!!!

    He should rot in jail!

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  17. Craig says:

    John you fuck… shut up man! They got abused and beaten, by a bunch of scummy club owners/bouncers. This is bullshit and happens all around town, dont come try act like House of Ras/ Club Ras had nothing to do with it.

    This is out of line and the amount of acts from Bouncers recently is just wrong.

    This needs to be sorted out. I have seen these guys around CT and trhey look like really chilled guys. These pictures above, are fucking horrific! WOW!

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  18. fred says:

    @ John – House of Rasputin and Club Ras might be run by different people but the are OWNED BY THE SAME PERSON. If the bouncer didn’t cause those head injuries then what did? Did he hit himself?

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  19. John says:

    Yeah John, don’t get me wrong, if he did it then he should rot. Marius injuries look painful and hope the cause of the injuries come to light. I met this bouncer in question hough when I had dealings with House of Rasputin, he’s a gentle giant, I doubt he did it. My info comes from a member of staff who was there at the time and spoke to the woman. I just hope these guys aren’t inciting a mob to serve their own ends.

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  20. Incredible says:

    @ John you are absolutely pathetic. I know how frustrating it can become when trying to get something back that is rightfully yours. If the club had just given them their stuff back this would not have happend. And I don’t care how a person acted, there ABSOLUTELY no reason to bash someones head in and knock them unconscious! YOU are implying that that they made this whole story up? I hope the bouncer gets what he duly deserves.

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  21. cumoffit says:

    this is not journalism. no attempt at even a semblance of objectivity.
    I really felt bad for the ‘victims’ but after reading John’s response I realised that Mahala has actually damaged their cause with such blatant partisan writing.
    I hate bouncers and know they are generally sadistic assholes but presenting the story this way is an abuse of our sympathy – you shouldn’t tell us to feel sorry for them, you should present the facts in a way that allows us to choose whether they deserve our sympathy

    they do deserve our sympathy though – no one should be allowed to inflict so much physical damage on a human body, regardless of whether they have broken equipment worth millions. there is a problem with the power bouncers seem to have.

    but mahala you have really dropped the ball on this one…

    you are using the quality of past writing to get away this bullshit. its not good, do it too often and it stops working…

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  22. Gerald says:

    I say we go pour 100l of pigs blood all over their front door!!!!!

    Fucks cant get away with this constantly.

    John, either you work there and ur a doos
    or ur just a doos.

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  23. Anon says:

    Wife beaters are sometimes also known to be “gentle” people. Until they get “fired” up. Don’t be fooled!

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  24. John says:

    @fred – only reason I know thats not accurate is because House of Rasputin also got stiffed by the Ras like many others, seems Ras owners were just renting the space. Thankfully I never had business dealings with them. I think I’ll cut off my involvement with this though by making a donation to Marius, because I’m a doos and I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who is injured like that, not because I think bouncers are guilty in this particular case.

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  25. Don Dada says:

    Gentle Giant? how much do they pay you to talk this amount of kak? train your apes to speak properly to your customers first man, we are sick of this kind of treatment and not all of us are that easily intimidated – one day you will fuck with the wrong guys, i’ve seen clubs petrol-bombed before because of bouncers messing with the wrong guys.

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  26. Shocking says:

    @ John and John: OK, so if the bouncers didn’t do it, then who did? A random passing stranger? Whatever the situation, attempted murder is never the solution.

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  27. brandon edmonds says:

    @cumoffit you might notice how much john has since reversed from his initial tone. there’s money at stake for both businesses. its classic pr damage control. muddy the water. re-frame the outrage. i’ve relayed what werner told me in a phone interview. the story of this assault could have been relayed a lot less objectively. believe me.

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  28. tinyT says:

    Wow John, why don’t you come out of the shadows and say this to there faces, oh wait.. you may not recognise them due to the serious injuries they have sustained! These guys are not violent and don’t have a malicious bone on their body. Obviously the house will support the bouncer but I don’t think you realise how much support is behind our friends. Karma is a bitch and makes its rounds when you least expect it, the culprits will get what they deserve, funny that these particular culprits are the guys that are supposed to be looking out for us & not just standing by.

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  29. OMG says:

    I cannot believe the stupid comments people are making on this site and other sites, like “he was intoxicated” “he broke equipement” or he removed it while a there was a private party going on.

    And who cares about the story being objective bla bla bla…..

    The point is, who give’s anyone the right to do this to another human being???? It is digusting how people are trying to justify it – absolutely shocking.

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  30. Dominique says:

    First of all, this is not ALL bouncers. I know many bouncers that are actually very good at their jobs. They remove the scum from the clubs, give them stern warnings and tell them they are not welcome back into the club. This is what management/owners have told their bouncers to do, and you never hear of incidents happening at these clubs. Yes, people all have a breaking point, and if you are running around the club intoxicated and “breaking equipment” or “breaking and entry” then you should be pulled outside of the club by the hired muscle and told to come back on Monday. The way that the owners/bouncers/security company handled this is disgusting, in no way are you allowed to abuse another human. How can you state this man is gentle, when this is what comes out of the experience. Do you really think this couple would have found a way to put themselves through so much pain and torture just to give the club a bad name? Would you put yourself through that torture?

    I have been in many situations with bouncers, and MANY of the times i had no chance to even apologize for the wrong doings i had been accused of, i have had a friend “slapped” around by a bouncer, and when we went to file an assault charge we were told that this was the bouncers second assault charged filed, as it was a “minor” charge he would only have to pay a R500 fine and it would all go away. The owner of the club and the bouncer even offered us a bride AT THE POLICE STATION in front of the police. Not a very happy situation.

    Someone need to claim responsibility for what has happened, an example needs to be set.
    When i go out to clubs i make sure that i am nice to the bouncer, and i make sure that i have a good conversation with him, so that if anything does occur he knows that we are on friendly terms and i will have that split second in my “intoxicated” state to beg for my life. As degrading as that is, this is what bouncers have become at our clubs. Where their fist are guns and we have no say if we catch a stray bullet.

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  31. cumoffit says:

    @brandon I think the problem with writing in this way is that it gives the ‘pr damage control’ a lot more credence as it shows up the obvious bias in the article.
    It gives the entire debacle a little less impact as it imparts a degree of unsavouriness (is that a word) to the article, as if the bias is necessary to make it believable (because if its not then why is it there).

    I’m sure the facts are strong enough in this case, but I suspect since these two gents are friends with you (or someone ‘Everyone likes them’) and so there is an attempt to make them look like angels – but there are mitigating factors for which they must take responsibility…

    The bouncer’s conduct is disgusting but that could be illustrated without making the whole article seem like a PR job. Perhaps its because of the appeal for donations…

    and of course it could be a lot less objective – that does not make your article any more credible (it is objective in relation to how much less objective it could be???)

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  32. Nobody says:

    Everything around House of Rasputin are dodgy. Many of the Thai girls they bring here end up being prostitutes because they get too old to strip and must pay back their debts to this Mark dude…we must also boycott the shops he owns in Canal Walk. People I’ve met who are connected to this guy are all tikheads too…I demand a reaction from the cops

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  33. Security says:

    I have been working in the security industry for over 12 years now. During this time I have never lifted a hand to any person. Good security will be able to resolve a problem verbally.

    Club owners are held responsible if their security become violet and could have their licences take away. Their for it is not a very good career move for security to become violent.

    Notice that I am using the word Security and not Bouncer!

    I sincerely hope that the Bouncer responsible for this never works a club again.
    Its people like this that create the terminology “Bouncer” and give the rest of the South African club security a bad name.

    This couple must lay charges and must take the club to court for their medical expenses.
    Not all the SAP are on the payroll of club owner and the fact that the bouncer is already in jail is a good sign.

    Carry on your crusade to boycott this club. They will soon feel the effect.

    The word of this incident is spreading throughout Cape Town and throughout the security companies that service the city.

    I wish this couple the best and my thoughts are with them.

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  34. brandon edmonds says:

    Come off it cumoffit. You get ‘bias’ and ‘unsavoriness’ from what I wrote? Good for you. If you feel you can do better go ‘write’ ahead.

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  35. Stupidbouncersneedaklap says:

    Whatever really happened that night im not sure will ever come out as the truth always gets twisted when many parties are involved.

    Even if Werner & Marius were at fault it still does not give the fuck head bouncer the right to beat him senseless. This is not the first time ive heard dodgy shit about Ras and H.O.R. Infact a couple of my friends were beaten up by the bouncers of H.O.R last year but never pressed charges as they knew it would just get ugly. If the bouncers are capable of causing damage like that then who is to say they are not capable of something more sinister…

    Im completely pissed with ALL bouncers everywhere. They seem to think they are above the law and i have witnessed this many times. As for the cops, FUCK YOU! Do your job – Here’s a question for The Police officers, what if that was your child or relative? Would you act then? Exactly…

    In closing i think its fair to say that the majority of the population who enjoy going out and having a jol are FED THE FUCK UP with these steroid injecting, drug addicted morons who most likely cant even read what im writing cause they are so dumb. There needs to be some sort of training in order to handle situations at clubs. Personally i think “bouncing” should be a course you go on that teaches you how to handle any problem that might occur at a club that you are responsible for and upon completion of this “course” you become certified to “bounce.” That way bouncers will not be some thug of the street but rather an individual capable of handling situations that might arise… If i had to study for my career choice why should this be any different?

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  36. Lee says:

    He said she siad and they all said shit 🙂

    Nobody deserves a beating like this and to highlight social issues around dancers and bouncers is like talking about religion and politics there is no truth only bullshit !

    We all have an opinion as clearly stated in the comments however a good lawyer is needed and let this go to court and then the truth will set us all free 🙂 .

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  37. b says:

    My two cents – first off – shocked to hear this. the poor chaps who were beaten , that just wrong no matter what.

    They guys who the came up against are heavy. I was involved for many years in clubs, raves, strip clubs and the stuff that is linked with it.

    The reason the police did jack. Its easy these clubs are owned by heavies. Solid dirty maffia crew.

    Don’t go there . Don’t do business with them. You won’t win and you won’t make money.

    Stay well away….

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  38. Anonymous says:

    John you poes!!And blitz the house of ras

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  39. Rachel says:

    Have Marius and Werner pressed charges against the club, not only for the violent assault, but for theft? If they’re withholding the screen and refusing to pay for it, surely this is theft.

    I think perhaps Mahala should consider drafting a letter and petition to the Minister of Safety and Security, demanding stricter regulations for clubs and bouncers, and demanding that the police who just stood by and allowed the bouncers to throw the unconscious Marius onto the pavement, be held accountable. Their lack of action in protecting this couple is surely a dereliction of duty.

    As for the comments regarding Brandon’s bias in the piece, Mahala isn’t a boring broadsheet newspaper, it’s about opinion pieces. If you want a straight statement of fact uncoloured by the writer’s opinion, read the Argus.

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  40. joann says:

    Man i have seen some bad stuff but this takes the cake they should close all clubs that have any bouncers that have a record of being abusive to the clientell.MY heart goes out to marius and verna man pls take care see u both soon.j

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  41. werner says:

    if there is one thing I learned, it is that VIOLENCE is not the way, so please people – do not want to beat or burn the bouncers or the club.
    I admit that it was our mistake to take matters in our own hands and go to the club to remove OUR decor – after their event. We did not sneak in, we were invited to the event on friday night, but did not stay long as we were told that the organisers would not be able to take off our decor. we were upset about this, because the previous thursday, we went to the police to state our case – the inspector on duty said that they are withholding our property against our will,which is theft and sent us to go get it. We arrived in the afternoon at club ras and when they refused to let us take our decor,we told them that the inspector is waiting for our call, but the event organiser was there and asked us to please leave our decor up for their event on friday.Since we knew this event organiser -he rented this same decor earlier this year from us, we left it on the condition that they remove it after their event.
    so, when they told us that they are not allowed to remove it, we decided to leave the place and return at 4 am when the event is over and take it off.
    I know it was a bad choice, I wish we took alex, the manager’s advice to come on Monday, but the dance floor was empty and the owner’s MUST know that the decor does not belong to them,because they did not pay for it or installed it there. so we did start taking it off. and we did get beat up for our mistake.and yes, we are very sorry that this happened.
    I am very grateful that we are ok,because I realise how almost i lost someone very close to me over something so stupid.in my heart I have forgiven myself for my mistakes and also the bouncer and club ras for their mistakes, but I still want my decor back and just like I have to now live with the results of my actions, so do the bouncer and the owner of club ras who is still with holding my property. I do not wish to make money out of this,but a friend of mine suggested that some people might be able to help us financially through this tough time and that is why I gratefully accept your donation.the details posted are correct,but it is a savings account and i am the account holder, werner müller.
    Peace Love Unity Respect

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  42. Pops says:

    funniest thing i’ve read in a while> If you want a straight statement of fact uncoloured by the writer’s opinion, read the Argus.

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  43. anon says:

    i think at the very least the club should be held liable for the medical bills (whether or not it was
    there staff it was on the property) and they should also pay for the amount of time that this guy
    cant work, i mean come on imagine what the medical implications are for some one who had
    serious bleeding on the brain.

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  44. Kyle says:

    My dad was a bouncer for a company in cape town… this company was ran by an undercover cop, that was not doing the right thing either… He used his “power” as a cop to help one of the other bouncers – believed to be a wanted hit man – run off to Egypt to avoid trial, and when he got back, the case had miraculously disappeared… Bouncers are dodgy, they have some kind of control over our police force in South Africa, and i am glad to say that my dad has not bounced ANY club, or event of any kind since the truth was discovered… i really hope that Marius and Werner will get through this…

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  45. Guy says:

    So hectic.

    The worst thing is that Club Raz and Rasputin have not put out any sort of statement apologizing. Just making excuses and lies. I know the woman John is referring to. She was with Marius and Werner in the hospital when I went to visit and she says the bouncer hit Marius in the head 10 times!

    And I really really hope the bouncer that did this goes away for a long time because he needs to be removed from society. The fact that the bouncers laughed and threw Marius’ limp body onto the street leaving him lying in a pool of blood means these guys are not really human beings and have no place in our society.

    John claims to be making a donation. How much are you donating? Can anyone confirm this donation??

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  46. Anonymous says:

    John’s ma se poes

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  47. john says:

    I am a poes.

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  48. brandon edmonds says:

    a ‘straight’ statement of fact…yes go the argus by all means.

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  49. Anne Bogart says:

    John reminds me of Roger Dickhead Young…

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  50. Anonymous says:

    i’ve been involved with, and worked security, at a number of events over the years.
    A successful evening was one where the prescense of security was enough to encourage people to focus on having a good time, and a good job was if there was issues that was handled without incident, by assessing thw situation before reacting with fists. Even agressive patrons do not need to be handled violently to be effective at your job.
    As a company with a public face, surely the venue would want to associate itself with professional conduct? If a barman stole from the till would the venue stand by him in defence of his character and actions? Skull fractures, staples in the head, bad PR, public outcry, and beating up suppliers is no good business practice.
    I can see future potential business relations getting really excited at the prospect of working with the venues. Maybe, even after doing them a favour, they’ll get their shit kicked in and get to spend some time in hospital without being paid and having their business assests stolen.
    Poor form. But in this industry, and specifically with venues with the repute of the ones discussed, not much else is to be expected.
    Yes, the job and the threats of the job can be tough. But no one should ever applaud or defend someone for being bad at their job.

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  51. Mugabe says:

    @cumofit – you are the biggest doos here. Jesus who the fuck made you God? You’re a self righteous little prick botching about objectivity! How fucking anal are you??? Who the fuck cares! This isnt news-fucking-24! Take your bullshit back to your fucking creche. Prick.

    Now that I got that off my chest. Heavy story. To many opinions. I hope the savage that is responsible gets the book thrown at him. Sounds like a dodgy club. When shit like this goes down liquor licenses should be revoked.

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  52. MJG says:

    Pro Access Control?

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  53. steve says:

    Bottom line is, wake up!!! Yeah sure it is bad what happened to the guys, clearly they didn’t get the memo. Don’t try to get ivolved in things that clearly are over your head. Its common knolage that most night clubs are gang afiliated and owned by big wigs in the mafia, whether Rusian, asian or otherwise. I say again, its wrong and terable what happened. The situation is fucked on all levles, but why do busness so far out of your leage. Don’t run with the big dogs if you piss like a puppy. Lesson learned the hard way, hopfuly it will sink in now.

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