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by Samora Chapman / 22.12.2014

Originally published on 10 June 2014

We’re in the midst of a crisis. Last night I witnessed a mob nearly murder a man in the street. I then wandered across the city in the half darkness and found that the same mob had swept across town in a fit of rage… beating scores of people with knobkerries, bricks and hockey sticks. The source of the madness? Whoonga Park. And it’s burning to the ground. Here’s how…

I got home from work at 7pm. I needed fresh air, to get out into the night. So I grabbed my skateboard and an orange and my phone for music. I bombed a hill, then swung into Esther Roberts Road.

Something was up. A sex worker was running down the road, shouting to the others, spreading a message. “Gijima!” Run!

It’s not unusual, I thought. Probably cops handing out beatdowns. The sex worker slipped into an alley to disappear. I followed.

I caught up with her on Umbilo Road… and as we rounded the corner we stumbled right into the line of fire.

A mob of about 40 men were charging down the road towards us. They were wielding weapons. Bellowing voices. They were chasing a man. A dark shadow, a phantasm. The prostitute disappeared into thin air. I froze and watched. I witnessed. I stood possessed. I couldn’t move.

The mob caught up with the man directly across the road from me. They beat him as he ran and swayed and zig zagged. He took five blows and kept going like a wounded animal. Somehow. But eventually they overwhelmed him and he dropped in the middle of the road.

He took several more blows on the ground. Thuds and crunches. Then the cops came screaming down the road. And the mob just kept running, hitting a left down towards Sidney Road. Like wolves.

The beaten man was motionless, in a pool of blood. I went to stop traffic and wait for the cops but they never came. They just fucked off in another direction.


Then his head rose off the concrete. He came alive. I thought he was dead. I realised he was just a boy. Maybe 16.

He crawled to the side of the road and then, miraculously… he got up. He started stumbling back up the alley I had come down. He had no shoes and his clothes were torn. I followed him up the alley.

I phoned my old man and put out a Facebook message asking for the number of the Umbilo Police. I couldn’t believe the boy was walking, he needed a hospital or he would surely die. He was stumbling, looking over his shoulder for the mob.

The boy told me he was just sleeping on the road when he was attacked (which I thought unlikely). He asked me how bad his head wounds were. Bad, I said. I was sick to my stomach.


But it was just the beginning.

We arrived at the intersection by Jackie Horner’s and I saw a commotion. A man was crumpled in the corner with a head wound. Wrapped in a blanket. Security and local shop owners had called the police.

The boy I had followed collapsed next to the other victim. There were several homeless people gathered around. I asked them what happened.

man 2

“It’s the men from Dalton Hostel. They are killing everyone,” said a slightly lucid homeless guy covered in scars. “It’s worse down at Whoonga Park. Many people are hurt.”

My friend rocked up on his motorbike and I hopped on, slightly stressed that I had no helmet. But we had to get to Whoonga Park.

We jetted off, but didn’t get far… on Moore Road we came across the next scene, outside the army surplus shop. Cops and a crowd. A man lay motionless – he looked dead, but who am I to say. I took a snap and carried on, walking now, my friend tailing me on his bike.

man 3

Around the corner, Whoonga Park was on fire. I counted several blazes. People scattered everywhere, on the sidewalks and in the roads. There were three or four victims in the middle of Berea Road, broken and mashed. Cops and medics were on the scene. I asked a cop how many people had been hurt: “I have no idea,” he said.


berea road

berea rd 1

So I went to the whoonga heads watching. They were moaning and delirious. High. Bewildered. Terrified. I asked them who did this, what happened?

“The men from Dalton Hostel. They attacked us. They burnt all our things.”

Why? What impetus sparked the rage of the vigilante mob; causing them to sweep through the streets at dusk, attacking homeless people at random? Who knows. I repeat. We’re in the midst of a crisis.

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  1. the woodsman says:

    It ain’t easy being the messenger… If writers like you don’t have the courage to expose what’s lying just beneath the bloated skin of daily city living, people like me don’t know. So, thank you. Keep it up.

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  2. Margot says:

    Fucking hell!

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  3. Jodie Kaila Kennedy says:

    Big props to you my frined.. I am at a loss of words. Just keep safe! XXX

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  4. Will says:

    Too hectic to understand. What the fuck?

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  5. Lindiwe says:

    You have enormous cojones, my friend. Stay safe!

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  6. paul says:

    bru… respect. big ups for going into the line of fire to bring us these woonga tales

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  7. WTF? says:

    It’s amazing how the cops probably know exactly where these okes come from too,but they will not do a thing. But to be honest,I couldn’t care if they went straight to whoonga park and just chased these poor guys away,leave the sober homeless guys alone,its the criminals amongs the whoonga smokers they need to filter out,some there don’t commit crimes to get their next hit…but the others,we want THEM gone! It doesn’t even have to be that violent.SIIIICK story man!I love the mission you went on to get the story.

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  8. Bongiwongi says:

    Vigilantism was inevitable, workers are tired of being robbed by these whoonga heads, it came to a head…and will do again..

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  9. Jules says:

    It’s becoming abundantly clear that our municipality and police force either cannot or will not be asked to deal with what is clearly an ongoing and deeply serious situation. JeeeeZus.

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  10. cynical sandman says:

    when the system is rotten, the edifice will crumble… cops in this country (generally speaking, of course) are as much to blame as the criminals from whom they purport to be saving us. my gardener arrived at work yesterday fuming mad… he was searched against his will, for no reason on Saturday night, by 3 uniformed cops and his cell phone was lifted… strikes, vigilante justice, wildfire drug usage and dodgy politicians… this country slides further into chaos… but don’t worry because the World Cup Soccer and its barely disguised colosseum of distraction will soon be here to numb the pain, i mean, reality…

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  11. a blackburn says:

    These guys need to be wiped off the face of the earth police now days seem to be chiccken shit

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  12. Susan says:

    Keep up the good work. Amazing nothing in the newspaper or news. 1st I’ve seen is someone sharing your blog on Facebook. Just be very careful out there.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like violence talking to the rhythm of money paid instigation…try look at WHO can score by this publicity….who will be the rider on the white horse coming to the rescue….

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  14. Ian Quirk says:

    Thanks my man-we as residents of Glenwood appreciate your feedback of what is happening in our once pristine suburb!!!

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  15. shawn says:

    The hostel guys deserve medals well done boys

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  16. Keith Knowler says:

    One of two things, or maybe both. We, through the system, employ the police force to handle stuff like this. One , they are incompetent or Two, it somehow pays them to look the other way. Yes, it’s tough when people just won’t do their jobs. Worst yet , they’re preventing others from cleaning up this mess for them.

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  17. Shri Mishka says:

    I’m Shaken that it’s so easy to kill with no reason behind it, this is really sad.

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  18. Shelley Kjonstad says:

    Please can the author Samora Chapman contact me at the Mercury, my phone 031 3082694

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  19. Eza says:

    I saw this on my way home last night , the amount of people that were running around the area with weapons was horrifying. Why the police allow it to get to this extent is beyond me.

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  20. Erin says:

    Brilliant and brave journalism.
    So sad that this is happening.

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  21. Ian Lewis says:

    What and excellent and hard-hitting piece…We as Durbanites need to take our city back. How can we promote the lesser known treasures in our city when this is the fiery backdrop. Keep up the amazing work…People will start to pay attention!

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  22. Ex Suger Addict Girl says:

    Until you get hooked and only then find out the repricusions, you dont know, until you walk the walk, then you dont know, I learnt the VERY hard way, your story was excellent, but my friend if only you knew thats just one part of it, its is so much bigger you have no idea, as for the police, please they either take the drugs to resell to the merchants I have personally seen this myself or they f#ck you up and gender doesnt matter, I was with a different clan in a different area but its all the same, where does a sugers addict get the help from, the legal system doesnt help, been there done that… its terrrible a nightmare I will never forget that will haunt me for the rest of my life, Juge if you want but I have to live with what i did……… Im clean now and going strong and yes Methodone does work but you have to leave the source or place cause assosiation is a trigger so Im klms away far far away but I know that this problem is HUGE and people of not aware of whats going on not just in Albert Park, in every area theres a dealer serving and people getting hooked, this drug doesnt know colour, gender, age or race, its quite a slut it will sleep with anyone…………..

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  23. Anonymous says:

    I am just down the road from some of your pics. I could hear the screaming and shouting from my home. However we were confused as it sounded like another Currie Park religion rally and we couldn’t see anything from where we were. As I’m a single gal, I wasn’t going to investigate. Thanks for having the cohonies to go out and report, because I haven’t heard anything on the radio or news as of yet. This stuff cant be brushed under the carpet.

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  24. xolani says:

    When we taking a walk at night these very same people who tortured here torment us, rob us and do all those nasty things. I’m not saying I like what happened to them but they deserve some sort of punishment.

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  25. Super D says:

    @Xolani, so based on your dumb-fuck mentality. A guy named Xolani once stoled my car, that means I should kick the shit out of all the Xolani’s I meet in my lifetime? I mean they all deserve some sort of punishment because of the 1 Xolani that stole my car…RIGHT? Idiot!

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  26. khuitsemang says:


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  27. Mark Lowe says:

    Where is the mayor? Where is his Executive Committee and the City Council.? Why are they not meeting now, in emergency session, directing the city police and municipal officials we all pay so much to to take back our city?

    This situation has not suddenly arisen overnight. It has been brewing, growing ignored, avoided and overlooked for years. Too many people, all getting fat at the public trough, have failed to heed the warnings and do their jobs.

    The time of reckoning is getting closer, Mr Mayor and Executive Committee. And you have all been found wanting.

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  28. Tsk says:

    Cynical sandman I agree … when the system is rotten, the edifice will crumble… but Brandon … your editing style is getting tired. It’s time to experiment with different styles dude

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  29. student says:

    It’s about time these crackheads get to
    ught a lesson. I don’t feel sori for them. these guys rob people in broad daylight. I’m a dut city campus student and I know what im talking about. If you feel sorry for them feel free to walk through chestervil rank after dark to personaly pass your sympathies to them and pls let us knw hw it goes if you still hav a phone.

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  30. MJC says:

    The whoongas have been terrorising people in most area’s close to whoonga city. Besides the political agendas associated with the municipality, Mr Mayor included, this urgently needs to be addressed as it is affecting businesses in the area.

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  31. Marika Winther says:

    Sounds about right where the South African Police Force are concerned, especially the Umbilo Branch…. They will not get involved in any matters…. Stay safe out there…
    For us ex-pats, using the old names for the area, where is Whoonga Park?

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  32. Anonymous says:

    This is a result of the current government they are not empowering they are dismantling … where is law an order ? ..

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  33. cnut says:

    Brewing brewing over-boiling…

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  34. cnut says:

    PS… hi Claire…

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  35. Anonymous says:

    I have smoked a lot of weed and I wonder how hard the woonga trip must be. Must be hard if you get into fighting mode…

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  36. Cynthia Mills says:

    This is terrible – with all the conferences about all sorts why can the City not be held accountable for people running riot and murdering as they please – definitely smacks of a cover up!

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  37. claire angelique says:

    yo, here, always lurking. discussion on my facebook page ….other than reading, email me, we’re hooking shit up right now, hooking not reporting…big diff

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  38. Paul says:

    Yip, this is the governments fault. They are dismantiling a once flourishing country, right down the drain. And what did they expect tearing down the border fences? Now look at the shit we sit with. Foocking incapable bunch of self-enriching clowns is all the ANC has ever been, and will ever be. We are well and truly fuct and it is about time that those with half a brain get out now. This is just a taste of what the next 5yrs under zooma is going to be like.

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  39. Sid says:

    The dwellers in the hostel are Zulus, the homeless are Zimbabweans, Congolese and Nigerian. Drugs are rife. Call it a whoonga attack, I call it Ethnic Cleansing in genocide fashion. South Africa is in stage 5 of a 6 stage genocide. The drugs are used in any African war. In Swa the gooks used Adrenalin so we could not catch them. There is a hidden agenda here. Ask the King for comment on his Nation, their addiction and their behaviour. Geez, wonder what he has got to say….. just my take on this

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  40. Point Blank says:

    It’s was inevitable, people are mad. The have had enough, the law pussy foots around criminals and as much as you agree or disagree it seems to many that the law doesn’t take effect.

    Sadly these Woonga boys are fast becoming a problem and as the group grows at exponential rates so does crime. The crime is petty, muggings, smash and grabs, etc so largely ignored or unnoticed by many… but these will soon become full blown robberies, rapes, murder. We see it in the townships already, in locations, mob justice works there as wrong as it is and so the same “justice” will be meted out by vigilante groups, because they see this as the only language a woonga boy knows.

    I have seen extremely disturbing video footage of how they treat a woonga boy they caught in the townships – it will give you nightmares for weeks.

    More is yet to come, sadly.

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  41. jennifer says:

    This was bound to happen. If government heads and municipality coupled with safety and security,social services and other service providers were a concerned proactive caring team this and many other social issues could be minimised

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  42. Frooge says:

    I thought this article was JHB until I saw the street names. Whoonga park is really getting out of hand!!! I’ll be honest though this is still going to get a lot worse. Since that article, about a ministers estranged son (I can’t remember names) now whoonga addict, went to the municipality begging for help and then disappearing before they could verify his identity and reconnect him with his claimed family, came out there has been an increased presence by the “men in green” security around Albert park. This seems like great news but in actual fact makes things worse because these people won’t stop taking drugs because there are some cops around. Now they have moved west into the suburbs and some south into Umbilo areas. We have a tenant living 2 roads up from Umbilo road who has been broken into twice in the last month and he’s only moved in 2 months ago. This has never happened before and now we’ve installed a barb wire prison fence. My brother and I were driving down Cleaver road where we witnessed a boy try steal a bicycle off the back of some ladies bakkie at the robots about a month ago. I jumped out the car and caught him and the cops (Umbilo police) took the longest time to come but a crowd gathered and ALL they wanted to do was beat his ass. Lucky for him the lady was white and she fended fellas off and said jail would be enough (as if! I bet he’s back on the streets already). His reason (not in so many words), he was high. Just 2 weeks ago my commune of girls was broken into and some one got INTO the property, this has NEVER happened before! An article in the Independent, Saturday 24th May, summed it up and went on to say residents in PMB and DBN (esp Glenwood area) are fed up and will be taking matters into their own hands! Those guys at Dalbridge were not joking! Those are some tough and now IRATE Zulu men. This might just continue a while longer… Municipality, what is your move?

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  43. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see angry people working together. Let it happen few more times. I’m sure angry mob can get rid of the whooga boys and clean the streets up. Maybe not hundred percent but it will surely make a change.

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  44. Anonymous says:

    Once there is no more law and order the tribes will reform and kill each other as it was in the beginning so it will end.

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  45. cliff says:

    Good work Samora. Hard to believe that such behavior carries on regardless!

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  46. truthbetold says:

    If anyone would like to know why people have decided to take the law into their own hands all they need to do is drive past whoonga park or even walk……. you’ll be left in your underwear and a few fresh knife wounds…….. I personally feel bad for the homeless that are innocent in this matter but how on earth did we as a country or even as a people become so blind to what is going on? Druggies and junkies will rob, rape, murder and even torture to get a fix………… maybe its about time that someone shows them that its not right….. having said that I do believe that it is up to the judicial system to be doing this and not just a mob of angry men……. I too lived on the streets for a good 4 and a half years! I know what goes on at whoonga park and let me be the one to tell you that its called “whoonga park” for a reason! They get high on the shit that they smoke and because they are all up on the same stuff, well anything goes really……. this is the kind of shit that we dont need in our country!! Please SAPS and METRO police start doing your god damn job that way people wont have to take it into their own hands

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  47. L says:

    Interesting piece but as you can see from some of the comments the assumption that we automatically get what was going on is wrong. If you could be as kind as to spell it out for us *dumb readers, your report could possibly have a wider/more significant impact.

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  48. Anonymous says:

    Sad day for this country when the SAPS are standing by ANC allowing this type of crime & violence to take place doing noting about the dealers and knowing the origins of the violators. What chance do law abiding citizens have to survive in this country?

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  49. Sharon says:

    Thank you for taking the time. Surely the army needs to get involved and put an end to this nightmare

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  50. Danny says:

    Get out of that country dudes.. Its finished

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  51. Sue Sylvester says:

    I am so grateful for the freedom of speech that we still have – who knows what ripple effect this sharing may have? May we all be as strong in following our convictions as you were that night – thank you Samora

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  52. shawn says:

    Morning all whoonga loving trade free coffee drinkers – tree huggings out of fashion and dated – I propose we do a collection for beers (quarts only) for our hero comrade hostel dwellers for Friday night.

    Alternatively if u can provide a shelter in your garden or house for the weekend everything is welcomed for the whoonga guys – I will provide transport for the guys

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  53. BS says:

    Thanx L, thought it was just me. Haha. It sounds like to me like this is a job for the army – do we have an army? It’s such a complicated matter. Take the users off the street and dealers will find new targets. Take the deaers out the picture (how I don’t know) and the suppliers have a problem. Where does it end? How, practically, does it come right? Maybe some advice from the previous New York mayor who tidied up his city? Apart from handing it over to the police – because evidently that’s not the solution, how does the city practically sort this mess out?

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  54. Anonymous says:

    Wonga, transparent loans? Durban is done! I vote we napalm the whole place and start over!

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  55. Daniel says:

    I’ve read countless articles on how these whoonga guys are mugging people and breaking into houses and breaking into cars all to get their next fix. And from what i’ve read it stems from whoonga park. The cops have arrested many guys there in possession. So in my opinion vigilantism was inevitable. I dont agree with it as im sure there were innocents harmed but this is the beginning and the police need to heed the warning as I’m sure more is coming.

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  56. Daniel says:

    South Africa used to have the commandos and they would deal with this alongside the SAPS before they were disbanded. Now the SAPS has to handle roits and crowd control on their own. As far as i understand the Army can’t be deployed against civilians as it is then an act of civil war.

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  57. Kirst says:

    Heart breaking situation, phenomenal journalism on your part.

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  58. Zandy says:

    Big ups to the Dalton Hostel Residents, this was long overdue. I work in town, and everyday we get harassed by the Wonga park dwellers. Breaking into our cars and stealing. The police are scared of them and a couple of times they attacked the police. To the idiotic writer of this article, a huge number of the woonga park dwellers are not homeless, they have decent homes, they ran away from their homes due to having committed crimes of theft and murder to feed their addictions. Do you research properly before voicing your opinion. Take a taxi to town everyday and get robbed by woonga addict and you will be singing a different tune. I have written countless emails to the ethekwini mayor james nxumalo(small letter as he is useless), complaining about the state of our once lovely city, and his office does not even sent an acknowledgement email, they dont respond. The only thing the mayor is good at, is attending high class entertainement events around the city and forget important things, and sends Loggi on his behalf. Great work Dalton Hostel residents, wish you could do these clean ups every week!!!

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  59. Anonymous says:

    The urban decay that has engulfed the city, in conjunction with a slow and almost non-existant strategy by the Metro Council to deal with the issue of the mass migration of people to the urban city centre , has manifested in the quagmire that is Whoonga Park and the associated violence. If the situation is not tackled with an effective remedy , it is only inevitable that the situation at hand will spiral into a systemic shit storm of massive proportions.

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  60. deadpool says:

    Hell on fucking earth

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  61. qhawe says:

    @ ex suger girl may you please contact me at 084 856 6092 you can send me a please call message I will get back to you, it’s really good to know that there are people who beat this drug scrutiny. Proud of you girl….@ samora I think I saw you at the scene please do contact me as well. Thank you

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  62. Anonymous says:

    Carry on voting for the ANC…..they are doing a real great job! Wonderful results! #exchuse the sarcasm.

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  63. shawn says:

    Boys and Girls
    No spin here the Whoonga boys have moved into Bulwer Park
    Free traders – tree huggers and all liberals your bulldog – Pepi is on the lunch card
    By the end of next week we will be sponsoring the Hostel Hero Comrades

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  64. pedro says:

    My interim solution…..council must find some vacant land out of city lights…fence and guard it…supply tents, water tankers, basic meals and then start rounding up ALL VAGRANTS…HOMELESS…BEGGARS…WHOONGABOYS and ALL OTHER UNDESIREABLES…then start documenting fingerprinting etc….many will be wanted for unsolved crimes and other misdemeanours. ….if they are left on the street and parks….blood will flow and lives will be lost….

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  65. ryan says:

    The police take small bribes from the merchants in the area so they don’t get arrested. so they should know they allowing for the wonga merchant’s to grow in the area and now when this happens they wonder why.. The corruption is everywhere in sa and it’s hard for people to understand why this is happening, but the police know why.. They support and provide a get out of jail free card for them all the time.. And this is working class people suffering and taking the law into their own hands!!

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  66. Mad McMax says:

    I saw no mention of this in the media, Mercury, Daily News or ECR. Why not………………………

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  67. Mthembu says:

    Big ups to the hostel dwellers. These Woonga people mug and stab people, I’m told they even stop kids going to school and take their books so they can sleep on them

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  68. Psi says:

    You can’t solve the problem by kicking the shit out of whoonga park and locking up addicts. You don’t solve drug problems by cracking down on dealers and addicts. It just shifts the problem elsewhere. The war on drugs is a failure worldwide. The only policies that work are damage limitation: Hand out methadone, find shelter, food and try everything you can to reintegrate addicts into society. Sadly Durban council seems to have zero clue. Ostriches/Sand/head.

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  69. wild wild south says:

    we live in the wild south with ppl supporting corrupt officials and vice versa satan must really be laughing hard from his evil seat watching his accomplishments come to life. whoonga addicts dont respond to beatings government should seal the borders infiltrate drug dealers and users alike and most important limit human rights to those who are victim of an unruly society.Till then pray, don’t sleep,eat or anything till kingdom come.

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  70. NPN says:

    we clearly have a problem here,but blaming ANC or ZUMA wont help,LETS start by cutting away from saying this country was better in the old Goverment,there was always murder,corruption,drugs just that it was well covered,nowadays everything just spills…..lets try and not be racist about this, cause the truth is a mijority of whoonga users a black people,so to all those who say they wish the country to the old ways…Go live in the sea,im sure you will enjoy the company of marmaids

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  71. […] Chapman’s article on the Dalton Road attacks went on to rack up thousands of hits across social media platforms. […]

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  72. […] Chapman’s article on the Dalton Road attacks went on to rack up thousands of hits across social media platforms. […]

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