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Who Needs Satire, We’ve Got Malema

by Andy Davis / 13.05.2009


There has been a misunderstanding, surely. Julius Malema is really a satirist. A damn good one too. This is up there with The Colbert Report. Surely. Zapiro, Tom Eaton and Justin Nurse take a seat. Oh what a weird, slightly scary state of affairs when the main source of quality local satire comes from the ANC Youth League president. And he’s not joking.

This is what I’m talking about. The Sowetan quotes DA leader Helen Zille saying that: “Zuma is a self-confessed womaniser with deeply sexist views, who put all his wives at risk by having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive woman.”

As part of her argument in defense of her all pale-male cabinet in the Western Cape. An inflammatory remark, certainly, but not one that is wrong considering the evidence that came to light during Zuma’s rape trial.

Now into the fray flies ANC Youth League president, Julius Malema, no spell check required:
“We are disgusted by remarks attributed to the racist girl Helen Zille, who when failing to defend her stupid and sexist decision to appoint predominantly white males into her Cabinet, attacks the president of the Republic of South Africa (sic)”.

“Zille has appointed an all male Cabinet of useless people, majority of whom are her boyfriends and concubines so that she can continue to sleep around with them, yet she claims to have the moral authority to question our president (sic).”

“If the fake racist girl Zille continues to speak hogwash like she has been doing during elections, we will take militant action against her, and demonstrate to her that she does not have monopoly over the Western Cape (sic).” 

“The fake racist girl who was dropped on a head as child should understand that South Africa will never be a Mickey-mouse republic like she wants to portray it (sic).”

“An absolute majority of South Africans support President Jacob Zuma and will find it very disgusting for a fake racist apartheid agent to continue undermining the highest office in South Africa (sic).”

Now, I’m not sure if it’s a result of the Global Economic Meltdown, but the ANC Youth League seems to be missing a few checks and balances in their media department. And surely someone at the Mother Ship (aka Luthuli House) should read this stuff before they just launch it on the public. Credit to the Mother Ship, they did send Gwede Mantashe to mop up after Julius, saying: “these comments are deeply embarrassing to the ANC, and reflect a marked departure from the ANC’s approach to political engagement.”

Yes folks, it’s really hard to believe that Julius Malema follows in the footsteps of Youth League leaders such as Lembede, Sisulu, Mandela and Tambo. Even the ANC is embarassed. 

Thanks for the image Zap.

Pic Credit: Zapiro

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