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Street Kid Round Up

Street Kid Round Up

by Andy Davis / 19.03.2010

Mahala News Flash! In the very same week as the Street Child World Cup in Durban, the Metro Police are rounding up street kids, treating them like criminals and dumping them out of town. Just as we reported last week. We’re going to follow up on this early next week. In the meantime, here’s some proof. Feel free to share this…

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  1. bill botes says:

    Such a kak situation.

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  2. Excellent investigative stuff. It isational issue that must be brought into the spotlight. Well done! says:

    Excellent piece of investigative stuff. Stay with it. Its a national issue and shame

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Durban Metro Police have been doing this ever since I can remember… every time there’s an event in the city, they do this… and the allegations of dissapearances are very serious. Some of the kids are never seen again.

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