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Peter Mokaba Stadium - Polokwane

Phillip’s Gone

by Morrel Shilenge / 07.02.2011

“What is Polokwane going to do with the stadium after the World Cup?”
It’s only after 6 months later and at the Peter Mokoba Stadium reality has started kicking in. The stadium only hosted 4 group matches during the World Cup. The old Peter Mokaba Stadium, before the refurbishment had rarely ever seen a capacity crowd, and the new one continued that legacy. Even during the World Cup, Peter Mokaba was never filled to its capacity of 45 000. Why was so much money spent on it? How much did the 4 group games generate for Polokwane?

Yes, we are left with a beautiful precinct. New roads and brighter street lights. But now Philip (Feeeleeep!) has left. There is no trace of him. Phillip gave us hope. A month of nation building. But surely we could have spent the money better.

And now, I’m back at Peter Mokaba, my first time at a PSL soccer game. I was never a soccer fan before Phillip. I’m still not. When I was growing up, I occasionally watched the derby between Chiefs and Pirates. More for the sake of not looking like a misfit in a soccer mad society. I don’t have a favorite team, that when they win I cheer from the heart and when they lose I don’t eat for days. Soccer fans do that. Nowadays I don’t even watch the derby. And when Phillip was in town, I just went to one game for the sake of my little brother. To me, it made no difference. I went to check the vibe and document the occasion.

Peter Mokaba Stadium - Polokwane

But then last week I decided to go watch a game at Peter Mokoba Stadium just to gauge the post World Cup soccer vibes. I thought that it would give me a different perspective and get me insight into the minds of South African fans. I had never seen a PSL game live before. Like Phillip. I wanted to feel it again.

Soccer fans are loud, and love beer. When they get drunk, they chant gospel songs… Within minutes of the experience. I was bored. I couldn’t take it. But I forced myself to stay. I started thinking and looking at the people in the stadium like they were species from another planet. The stadium was not even half full. Less than 20 000 people had turned out. It’s hard not to ask why they didn’t just renovate the old stadium next door? Maybe it was a show off to FIFA. But someone definitely back-pocketed from this. Prove me wrong. You have two stadiums in close proximity and not even a provincial PSL soccer team… not to mention the monthly maintenance bills. Who pays for all of this? You and me of course. The jobs created. Short-term. Most of them evaporated with the last batch of tourists. Where is the accountability? Nobody is talking. Eish! The South African government mara. No Accountability. Thankfully local government elections are around the corner.

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  1. Peyla says:

    u went into that stadium knowing or even finished writing this article, now go compare the party that was governing b4 with the current one

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  2. damndemons says:

    Peyla – dumb ass comment.

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  3. YsterHart says:

    @Peyla: Tell me, if someone’s beating your ass with a big stick, do you shrug it off because, hey, the guy before him you had a much bigger stick with more knobs on?

    If someones stealing from you, hey no problem, the thieves before used to steal even more.

    Only victims put up with abuse because it could be worse.

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  4. Drunkenbastardman says:

    The money spent on hosting the world cup was enough to give every man, woman and child in South Africa a million bucks. That’s a pretty good poverty eradication scheme…. Oh wait no, the money was spent on ‘infrastructure’, which is why we will soon be paying 66c a kilometer to fix the roads all over again.

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  5. MiddleFinger says:

    cos someone’s sister’s brother’s cousin’s brother-in-law’s nephew had a construction company that got the contract….that’s how this was built……

    to all the afro-optimists out there, explain to me how we get rid of corruption. if we don’t, we’re heading towards a collapse of all infrastructure in 20-30 years. (this is a legitimate question so spare me the “if you don’t like it, you can bugger off to another country” or “stop being so negative” bullshit). I’m asking from the perspective of someone who has thought about it a lot and i haven’t been able to come up with a way in which i don’t see a gradual decline into collapse brought about by the looting of state resources….

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  6. dwight says:

    @MiddleFinger – The only way things will ever change is if we as a country can move away from a culture of entitlement.

    Entitlement is how the old regime justified its policies and corrupt behaviour. Entitlement is what drives corruption in todays government. It can make a young man buy a BMW, park it outside his shack then help start an anti-government protest demanding free houses.

    Entitlement kills initiative, fuels greed and turns human existence into a zero sum game where you must fuck your neighbour over to get ahead.

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  7. Peyla says:

    @YsterHart, whichever party wins the next elections is gonna do the same therefore this article is pointless and a waste of space, something meaningful could have been written here

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  8. YsterHart says:

    @Peyla: Ah, I see. So, because everyone does the wrong thing, that makes it ok.

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  9. Peyla says:

    @YsterHart, nope and your X won’t make a difference

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  10. Anonymous says:

    the cloud in the picture looks like phillip’s spirit floating away!

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  11. Apathy says:

    Eish – what to say any more without making oneself hoarse?

    Vote for the current govt to make sure to get to heaven – the very same gospel singers mentioned above will take that very seriously – had the ANC not had the dark spectre of ‘apartheid’ to hold over their sheeple things would be a lot different.

    Allowing this to continue is like letting a thief into your house, help him lift your TV and open the door for him and the way out. They are stealing from you. And you. And you.

    Fuck this. I need to get back to work – I have taxes to pay.

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  12. damndemons says:

    Peyla – you got a Julius poster above your bed or what?

    The South African situation to me seems rather hopeless (and this is in response to MiddleFinger) – the ANC will stay in power until civil war breaks out, in either case we are all fucked. Liberation parties don’t know how to govern, all they know is how to make up for missing out on the luxuries before. Just take a look at, say, before and after ’94 pictures of those pigs – some of them have become wider than they are taller. They will NEVER stop stealing – the culture of corruption is openly promoted by the Youth League. How do we solve this, you say? We don’t, we just get fucked. But it doesn’t mean that a voice shouldn’t be raised, because who knows…

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  13. mega-douche says:

    Those who questioned the hosting (and cost) got shouted down as afro-pessimists years ago. So we’ve had our bling party, and now we gotta accept that the kitty is a bit empty. Could used some hospitals and schools and boring stuff like that, but hey, it’s ayoba! So proud we hosted it! Let’s hope that no one suggests we terraform the surface of the moon to look like the face of Madiba! Imagine that, he’d gaze down on us forever. C’mon guys, if we pool all the tax for 10 years we can do it!

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