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Paranoid Eyes

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 16.09.2013

There’s a man who parks his car in front of this place. Just this morning he got out of his SUV and with both feet firmly on the ground, swept the surrounds with his eyes in much the same way paranoid people would. He then tucked his gun into the back of his pants in a manner not different from how they do it in the movies, and walked towards his shop.

In the midst of it all, I remembered my days as a youth growing up around reputable outlaws. I recalled one specifically, a man renowned for facilitating stolen cars between Lesotho and South Africa. I used to hang around his kids, yet never thought to ask them how it was to know of their fathers’ business interests. Were they even aware of what people were saying about him?

My mind then drifted back to this particular moment, the man with the paranoid eyes. Surely, I reasoned, he’s not always this serious and guarded? Does he smile a lot? Does he share himself freely with his wife? Assuming he’s married. How does he handle himself around his children? Assuming he’s got some. Is it in the same care-free manner a father would, or should?


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