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Mzanzi's Ted Bundy

One Man Crime Wave

by Brandon Edmonds, image by Conrad Botes / 22.10.2009

Even though he’s only eligible for parole in 2927 (too soon in our book), the idea of him walking the street again in any capacity (hologram, Terminator, ghost) is fuh-king terrifying. We’re talking Moses. Moses Sithole. As Wikipedia puts it – ‘SA’s Ted Bundy’. Having committed 38 known murders and many more rapes, Sithole was a maniacally busy bee. A one man crime wave. While most of us we’re deciphering Kurt Cobain lyrics, holding thumbs for non-racial democracy and loving ‘Pulp Fiction’ in the 1990s, this guy was throttling women to death in lonely stretches of open veldt in broad daylight. Cynically exploiting socio-economics for his own twisted ends, as the head of his own NGO named Youth Against Human Abuse, he ‘lured his victims’ with promises of a job. Poverty saw Sithole abandoned by his mother at a police station as a kid and he grew up abused in orphanages – if you need a reason why. Sweet-faced Moses rushed police with an axe when they caught up to him and apparently has AIDS languishing, alongside Eugene ‘Prime Evil’ De Kock, in C-Max prison. Good. (But don’t tell him I said that).

Image © and courtesy Conrad Botes

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