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Power Balance

Mlungu Muti

by Andy Davis / 10.11.2010

There’s a new grift in the world of pro surfing. Scratch that, there’s a new grift in the world at large. Power Balance. Yes I’m talking about that phony little silicone bangle you’re wearing with the “magic” hologram inside. You see them all over the place right now. They’re particularly prevalent in the surfing world but you’ll also find them adorning the wrists of tri-athletes, basketball players, American football stars, MMA fighters and your average smattering of business execs, gym bunnies, advertising shlumpfs and thousands of other gullible schuksters looking for a quick fix. The good people at Power Balance – and several of the spin off competitors – yes a grift this good births hundreds of imitators – are onto a good thing. A product that costs little more than R5 bucks to make, mass produced in China, is being sold for R495 smackeroos. But how does it work?

Power Balance is described as “a performance technology using holograms embedded with frequencies that react positively with the body’s natural energy field to improve balance, strength and flexibility.”

Sounds pretty amazing right? Just by putting on a little rubber band with a mylar (the same shiny stuff your teabags come wrapped in) holographic image imbedded in it, and all of sudden you’re a leaner, meaner more focussed version of yourself. Instantly. No need for years of yoga, kung-fu or pilates. No need for discipline, focus and self control.

When you slip on this magic rubber bracelet, it’s supposed to attune your body’s energy field and make you instantly more powerful and balanced. No need to ask penetrative questions about how it works, no need to understand the science behind the product, put one on and feel better, more grounded, alert, balanced, powerful. Try it. Under the heading of “How Does Power Balance Work” on the website it says:
“Power Balance is based on the idea of optimizing the body’s natural energy flow, similar to concepts behind many Eastern philosophies. The hologram in Power Balance is designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body.”

But it never gets deeper than that. I mean how does a hologram, something that is almost entirely electrically inert manage to tune your body’s energy field? I asked photographer adventure sports photographer Craig Kolesky how it worked and he said there was a metal wire inside that affects your electro-magnetic field. I took my Power Balance and cut it in half with scissors. There’s nothing inside. It’s just a mylar hologram. In an interview with basketball magazine Slam, the founder of Power Balance Josh Rodarmel tries to explain how it all came about, and how it works.

“We put frequencies in the holograms that react positively with your body’s energy field. The same way that wireless internet or cell phones or radio waves or different things like that—everything has a frequency and everything reacts with other frequencies. The frequencies I just mentioned react negatively with your body, but there are also frequencies that react positively with your body. We figured out how to put those in the hologram so when it comes into contact with your body, it gives you that added balance, strength, flexibility. We can demonstrate that through the different muscle tests. That’s more on the sports side. Our testimonials say it helps athletes with their stamina and they recover faster, things like that. The cool thing about this product and what makes it viral is the personal experience that everybody has. It differs. The experience that I have might be different from the one you have or anyone else has.”

What they’re talking about here, but cannot mention for fear of disappearing the illusion and watching their sales plummet, is the placebo effect. Until such time as Power Balance, and other purveyors of magic rubber bracelets, prove scientifically how their products work beyond the hokum of esoteric crystal frequencies, energy fields and auras, I’m gonna write this one down to a stone cold grift based on the placebo effect, the gullibility of humans, peer pressure and our innate desire for a quick fix.

Our minds are incredible things. Belief is powerful medicine. The placebo effect is a measurable, observable, or felt improvement in health or behavior not attributable to a medication or invasive treatment that has been administered.

In most Power Balance testimonials they ask you to take the test with and without a Power Balance bracelet and “see for yourself” the instant benefits. Basically they test your balance and flexibility first with nothing, then secondly with the Power Balance bracelet on. Strangely enough the first time you twist or balance, you can go only so far. The second time you do it, with the Power Balance on, you can go further, hold your balance for longer. What they never do is ask you to test yourself with the Power Balance bracelet first, and then take it off and see a visible reduction in your balance and flexibility. Because the way this test works is through the placebo. The first time you try it, you’re stiff, you haven’t thought about it, your body has not moved in that direction, and most importantly, you haven’t dwelled on the subliminal messages of “power” and “balance” encapsulated in the produce. Then the snake oil salesman slips a Power Balance bangle on your wrist, physically affirming that you are now more balanced and powerful and all of a sudden you can twist further, balance longer. Placebo baby.

But they don’t expect you to interrogate the product this deeply because the next thing that rolls out of the Power Balance circus tent is testimonials from athletes like basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal, baseball hero Scott Kazmir, Formula 1 racing car driver Rubens Barrichello. Hell even World Champion Surfer Andy Irons used to endorse them. This is all about building trust in their product. Don’t explain how it really works, but roll out a steady stream of trustworthy testimonials from mega-star sportsmen. Athletes whose athletic prowess and skill has taken them right to the top of their games. And you immediately associate Power Balance with that success. Endorsement. All of a sudden the balding and slightly overweight business man is believing. He feels lighter, more focussed, more confident. He reaches into his pocket and whips out his credit card. He never wants to take the thing off. I mean it works for Rubens Barrichello and Shaq… I’m on a winner!

And now the grift has arrived in South Africa, Sharks rugby player Rory Kockott, surfers Nikita Robb and Dylan Lightfoot and BMXer Lunga Mkhize all endorse the product. And Power Balance is no longer the only brand. There’s the cheaper fong kong knock-off Pro Balance and there’s the newly released Zentrom bracelet – which has a slightly slicker branding and boasts the all star testimonials of pro surfers Ace Buchan, Marlon Lipke and aging Snowboard hero Terje Haakonsen. Think of the profit margins on a bracelet that costs R5 to make max, (including transport and marketing) and sells for R500. No wonder there are so many companies clamoring to get into the business.

But those in the placebo bracelet game are smart. They hand them out to pro surfers and other athletes, activators and influencers who don’t really need to buy into concept because they get them for free, and, hey why not. Maybe it works. It’s easy to override skepticism when the product is free but could have untold benefits. And thus the viral onslaught continues. Hell, I even have one of those stickers on my one surfboard, because it ws given to me by Hawaiian pro surfer Jamie Sterling, and why not, maybe they do work after all… It’s an insidious kind of thinking that has everything to do with superstition and nothing to do with logic.

Recently Power Balance sponsored the Border Surf Team for the SA champs, Avuyile Ndamase, one of the surfers who got given a free neoprene Power Balance bracelet. I asked him how that “mlungu muti” was working for him.
“Nah this muti is not strong.” He laughed. “I don’t feel a thing.” He said and then pointed towards the Monster Energy truck. “But that muti, that stuff is strong! I can’t even finish one bottle without getting the shakes.”

But really, every time I see someone wearing a Power Balance bracelet, it’s like a bracelet saying: Yip I’m a sucker. And in South Africa, advertising that kind of thing is like a flashing neon light for con artists, pointing you out as an easy target.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said!!

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  2. Lizzy says:

    had lunch the other day with an ‘older’ but still pretty active couple (in their 60s) that got the bracelets as gifts. I laughed right in their faces when they admitted they dont really see the point, but ‘what harm could wearing them do, anyway?’. I guess these things probably have the same psychological benefits as the WWJD bracelets, certainly they have the same physical impact 🙂

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  3. Roger Young says:

    I got super drunk in PTA and put one of these suckers on and tried to walk along a wall. Guess what?

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  4. Lizzy says:

    and they are so ugly!

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  5. Notme says:

    In total agreement… what a crock of shit!

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  6. JM Koet$ee says:


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  7. snapper says:

    let people have their little crutches.
    meanies the bunch of you

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  8. Lance Armstrong says:

    hey! Don’t buy this crap. Buy my Livestrong bangles. I’ve got loads left.

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  9. ian engelbrecht says:

    yeah, some guy tried to con me the other day.

    but truth be told if i wasn’t a skeptical person, i would have almost believed it.

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  10. dof badge says:

    This article reminds me of a great Barry Hilton skit called “Dof badge”. Looks like we have our new improved 21 century dof badge. One step closer to Idiocracy.

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  11. Pops says:

    they should combine this technology with Crocs….

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  12. Official response says:

    Dear Mr Davis,

    We have noted your recent article in respect of our client’s product. Power Ball is a well respected brand with a long and proven track record providing therapeutic sports assistance.

    The allegations contained in your article are baseless, defamatory and serve to slander our client’s good reputation. We insist that you cease and desist in continuing to host this material as well as retracting your allegations.

    Failure to comply with will result in us taking such steps as may be required to cover the damages to client’s reputation and could result in a substantial claim for damages.

    We trust that you will act in accordance with the law, otherwise we may have to get really medieval on your arse. Make it happen

    Yours faithfully,

    The lawyers

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  13. mike says:

    Official response my ass.

    Power balance bracelets are a fucking hologram slapped in rubber… Bodies don’t have a single resonant frequency. The chest cavity might. And your different brainwaves have frequencies (between a few hz and around 30 hz. – good luck reproducing those at any meaningful level with a hologram).

    I might be remotely intrigued if a third party did completely documented repeatable double blind tests… Until then… I would suggest that power balance and snake oil have a great deal in common.

    what a crock of shit.

    P.s. Official response… GO AND FINGER YOURSELF!

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  14. Bradley Abrahams says:

    they are like Crocs …

    they allow me to see a proper POES from a mile away.

    thank you Powerband … thank you VERY much.

    The End

    (nice article Andy!)

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  15. LKJ says:

    P.T. Barnum never did say, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    How history repeats itself:

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  16. james says:

    I had the pleasure of being at the Look and feel good show a while back in Cape Town and stood there for 2 hours and watched the power balance guys doing the test but what was incredible and what stumps the whole “placebo” effect thinking was that the guys had a fake band ( a carbon copy of an original band) that they would do the test with after they did the standard no band balance test and it didnt work, it had no effect on the person at all, then they would use the real power balance bracelet and and do the balance test and it would work, every time. How do you explain that?

    My next point is that a power balance bracelet doesnt add to your natural ability if you are not a runner dont think that you are going to put it on and run a marathon, it only helps you achieve your natural peak performance more often. So if you dont train to be an athlete you not going to all of a sudden become one.

    I used to be a massive scheptic until i started using one , I dont understand entirely how they work but hey if its gonna improve my balance and strength then bring it on. and even if it does have a placebo effect. who cares it works. They have a great 30 day money back guarantee so buy it try it and if you dont think it works take it back to the store you bought it and get a refund. Simple as that. and if you buy a Power Balance bracelet for less that the recommended R495 then you are buying a FAKE so yes it wont work so dont take short cuts.

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  17. SS says:

    Anybody who spends R500 on crap like that deserves to be destitute by the time they are old. I wonder if the magic bracelet will alleviate the pains of ageing? They are tossing perfectly good money down the drain.

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  18. SouthernSkeptic says:

    Regression to a pre-Enlightenment age accelerates. Next they’ll have us “believing” in god.

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  19. Shariff Ohmallabat says:

    Must be fun whekking 4 Mahala. You’re so NOT poeses. And your’e so priviledged to see only hordes of poeses around you. Mahala mindset is magic. Makes you believe you’re the ultimate humanoid on the planet.

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  20. Alet says:

    I don’t care I have one and I love mine
    and everybody else I know has one it’s a great conversation piece, we do all the
    demos and have lots of fun

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  21. charl says:

    finally. now please pass this article onto modern athlete so they stop advertising this rubbish in theirmagazine

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  22. Tom says:

    These placebo bracelets have been around for years, the oldest of the lot says “What would Jesus do?”

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  23. Jake says:

    Good article Andy. Maybe Darwin was wrong. We seem to be devolving.

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  24. sheep says:

    that crap in modern athlete is power plus – knock off!

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  25. murray says:

    Australia is far ahead in banning such obvious fraudsters from advertising false claims based on no evidence. In this report a simple but effect double blind test is performed and the bracelet fails for EVERY scenario.


    A larger sample size would no doubt provide better results.

    …and in the following video, you will see a debunking of the kinesiology techniques used by power bracelet reps (like the video in the article) to try and “prove” the devices ability:


    In my mind, the benefits of this device can only be explained by the placebo effect. I can understand why it appeals to the surfing culture, balance and flexibility is desirable. Please watch the two videos I posted and decide for yourself. It seems ridiculous to me that so many professional athletes endorse this product.

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  26. WombatSam says:


    I’d like to know more about the “fake band” version of the test you saw. Was it tested as a double-blind? Did anyone in the room while the test was being performed know which bracelet was which, and which bracelet was meant to work? In fact, did the person pushing down on the arms know?

    My problem is that these tests are being run by people who should not be particularly trusted – they’re getting five hundred rand a bracelet, after all!

    The other thing is, the placebo effect is AMAZING. It’s an unconscious phenomenon that can work, or not work, depending on the expectations of people watching.

    Tests for water divining, for example, are very successful when there’s a scientist around who knows where the water is hidden while the diviner is being tested. As soon as that scientist leaves the area, the success rate for the diviner drops down to the levels of random chance. The scientist isn’t saying anything, and isn’t trying to give anything away, but there’s still subtle body-language communication that the diviner picks up on, often without knowing that they’re doing it.

    So, assuming that the demonstrations you saw were genuine, it unfortunately does not rule out the placebo effect. It’s quite likely that the person being tested with the Power Band would be affected by the people around them like this.

    I don’t want to claim that the Power Band bracelets don’t work. They DO work, in the same way that people can genuinely be cured of pain and illness by placebos. They’re very powerful, and very useful, and allow you to do amazing things. It’s just a shame that as soon as you know how they really work, they stop working.

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  27. Exercise Scientist says:

    Everybody, go to wikipedia, type in the word “placebo”, and read…
    Simple as that.

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  28. charl says:

    @sheep i stand corrected.

    PowerPlus. Just shows there’s another company out their making cash and in the process making fools of it’s customers.

    This is what is said about this version of the magic wristband:

    The Quantum Technology POWER PLUS wristband has been imbued with the energetic frequencies that improve power, balance, recovery and therefore improve sporting performance. This has been achieved using the latest in Bio-Communication and Quantum Physics technology. These frequencies have been stored in a 3D holographic disc and a crystalline matrix that holds the information indefinitely.

    WTF! Quantum Physics technology?

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  29. WWDD says:

    I wear one around my cock. Had to stretch it out a bit though.

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  30. Kelson says:

    Just another Chinos’s plastic on our shores !!!

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  31. Larwood says:

    slipped one of these babies over my johnson, besides being a little tight not a thing happened.It looked cool though!!

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  32. Anonymous says:

    What a great article! Thank you so much for articulating exactly what rubbish these things are.

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  33. verbalkint says:

    All your bracelets are belong to us. Fucking sweet article man. Been thinking this armband thing is a pile of steaming bieber since I first saw it. The only part I like about it is the whole conning ignorant people to give you their money. I’ve always wanted to do that. The makers of this must have Satan’s red one so deep in there…

    And go fuck yourself “official response”. Seriously.

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  34. Al Funk says:

    I’ve read deaply into Placebo effect. Authentic medical testimonials about a cancer patient who got better after a doctor told her we have a new treatment and was given a sugar solution. She did get better and measurably and medically so. After being told it was a sugar solution this patient started getting worse again and this new treatment(sugar solution) didn’t work anymore. The doctor then told her we have one final treatment but it’s very experimental and we’d like you to trial it. Despearate and on the verge of death she tried this ‘experimental solution’. It was saline solution(salt water) i.e another placebo effect. The woman once again showed medically measurable improvement.

    Point being a placebo effect works,is used in standard medical practice and psychiatric treatment and is only effective if the patient doesn’t know it’s a placebo effect. You mentioned the Mind is a powerful thing in fact Andy the Mind has power over matter and thoughts(read Maseru Emoto’s books and The Living Matrix Documentary) and thoughts have been found to affect water and our bodies comprise of 70% water.

    All you’ve highlighted here is how companies use celebrities to endorse their products. No different from Gillettte or Maybeline or what the fuck ever company that uses celebrites to endorse products. Those surfers you speak of are happy to take the money and don’t forget Mahala’s bread and butter is advertising.Are you saying Mahala won’t advertise them because they are sceptics and one of their writers is an ignoramous fuck about Placebo effect and he actually knows very little about it and won’t advertise for moral cos they believe it’s snake oil.

    Please Dude!!!! If you smoke a joint and get high you not don’t investigate why it is you actually get high or how weed works. You take a pill for your sinus’s and it clears your congestion are you gonna go investiagte how sinus pills work? Yes people want a quick fix sue but this is by no means a ‘quick” fix. It doesn’t fix shit it imroves it!!! Eastern practice has always shown that the Mind is more powerful than the body and that it has powerful influence over it. Judging by your article you don’t believe in Eastern Philosphy,Alternative healing or probably even ayurvedic medicine or homeopathy(dis that rather or do an actual intelligent piece on Alternative healing or bio energetic healing). You are probably one those kind guys that say Deepak Chopra is a Chop. I believe it’s called a materialist or empiricist!!!

    If someone does Reiki(human energetic healing using chi or life force energy) on you and heals you are you gonna go investigate how Reiki works. Placebo effect has no effect as far as energetic or bio energetic healing goes. This product would only be a placebo if there weren’t any Holograms to begin with by definition dumbass so are you saying they don’t even charge them to begin with???That would be an even more proposterous and legally damaging claim(for you and Mahala for allowing this to be published)

    Point being if you believe it’s gonna work it’s gonna work and such is that power of the Mind you speak. Placebo effect has serious validiy in medical science(and research science) and is used in about 1/5 of standard medical treatments. Holographic Technology is brand new and cutting edge. The lawyers were perfectly right dude by any legal means you can’t go publicly slander a product jus cos you(Mr fucking witty all sceptical Any Davis) think it’s hogwash.

    As a writer this piece is unethical and practice some professional integrity and you should have known better in any way. And if Mahala gets sued see how many people wanna advertise on your site then i.e you could seriously damage Mahala with this piece. Mahala could have actually made a lot of money advertising these bracelets but now you closed that door buddy. The argument about take them off and then see if there’s a deterioration. Take it off and you can only return back to where you were to begin with which is energetically imbalanced. Once your energetic field has been altered it will probably take some time to get back to it’s disfunctionally arhythmic state.

    Now all you’ve done is very cleverly convinced people who were already sceptical and told the ones that do use it that it is just Placebo hence no it won’t work for them(anymore) just like the cancer patient dying. You have cleared the doubters of their doubts’ heads now they wont buy it i.e you implicitely and sometimes rather explicitly discourage people buying this product which is illegal. If I wrote an article slandering Mahala and did something to damage your reputation and Mahala went bust you’d also wanna sue me and probably send some heavies to break my legs(which is what you can expect next Andy these kind of people don’t fuck around).

    I guess you just sick of being so underpaid for your great work(hey I still loved and enjoyed the article) that you have to take your jealousy out on the fact that you didn’t create you’re own Placebo effect product that was cheap to produce and made a killing. How easy huh right????? What about RandD costs,labour(yes this creates jobs),marketing costs,paying surfers to endorse it,shipping,distribution, and the machines that cost so much to actually do the Magnetic Holo Progaramming(assuming that claim is real). How they do it is a trade secret thats why no one is saying anything or they don’t actually progarm it.

    To conclude if you believe it works it will but you have done a masterful job at creating public and widespread disbelief. If I owned that company I’d be severely pissed and quite frankly would have sued you already. So would you if someone fucked up or interfered with your genius little plan. Question really is ultimately are there even Holograms Programmed in there to begin with then. Maybe this is just another cover for a passive RFID chip. Maybe there are frequencies in there to control your Mind. Then i’d be worried!!!!!!! Try it yourself,do your own tests,document it and then publish that you skeptic fuck you. If you get cancer one day(God forbid oh wait you’re probably an atheist too) it wont be the cancer that kills you but your scepticism. Contemplate on that for a second.

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  35. Andy says:

    Dear Al,

    Wow you are deeply involved here aren’t you. I just told it the way I see it. Power Balance is a crock of shit. That’s my opinion. PB can go ahead and sue me if they feel they’ve been slandered and think they have a case. Maybe that’s the best thing because when it gets to court they will have to prove how PB actually works. I’m talking scientifically here. Riddle me this… is Power Balance SABS approved?

    I’m not an unreasonable man. If the dudes from Power Balance can just explain to me how they imbed all these beneficial frequencies into the holograms and how those frequencies in turn affect my “energy body” – and prove it in clinical, impartial, scientific tests. (You can’t claim that’s a trade secret, they already own the vast majority of the “balance bracelet” market. Why not put an end to all the speculation and show us how it works? If this is truly a bonafide “technology” think of all the potentially beneficial medical applications). Then I’ll happily publish an article saying how wrong I was, hell I’ll even buy a Power Balance bracelet.

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  36. JD says:

    So basically, we’re talking about a company who doesn’t lie about their product, they just omit certain truths…?

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  37. charl says:

    Al Funk, the point isn’t whether the mystery was debunked, or the truth outed, we all know it is bull, the point is, they are selling a lifestyle placebo, which isn’t medically proven, and all the wearers of this bracelet were had, they never went out searching for a solution to a problem they had, ie, a physiotherapist told them you are unbalanced, and this is causing your back ache for example, no they were conned during a demonstration when the sales assistant made them believe they were unbalanced, by showing them some mind tricks and with that little hook, the customer attributes all their problems to this unbalanced state they are in in the blink of an eye, and so buys the bracelet unaware of the full truth. i think your tone is indicative that you are a power balance wearer or a employee of this con franchise. please bring it down a notch, you are beginning to show instability

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  38. Anonymous says:

    i think most of these idiots dont have the money to purchase it so now they jelouse….
    they dont even have R150 to buy the knock off one…cheap skates……
    do your reaserch 1st idiots……

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  39. Waldorph says:

    Its the stupidest thing, but for some fucked up reason it worked for me today!!!

    This is my report on FB:

    “hahaha, okay it sounds crazy, it looks kak, I dont buy into this, but I haven’t felt tired at all today…nothing about balance and shit, just haven’t felt tired…. And I have felt tired every damn day for the past month in my office with no windows in Rustenburg. Today – I feel excellent, and with only 3 hours of sleep! I will report tomorrow, if it doesn’t work, I will cut it up into small pieces and mail them to Pedri Koen…”

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  40. P says:

    … it has some power… look at the number of comments in only 5 days! … me personally, I dont have time to read the atricle 🙂

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  41. anonymous malo says:

    ja alan or whatever you are. impoverished, non wristband wearing energetically imbalanced lettered buffoon. the jealousy must leave you feeling like someone who thought they were taking a placebo, which turned out to be a cap of ecstacy; that is, bitter. because everyone knows, even al the whiner, that a placebo works on the same part of the brain that would normally be reserved for critical thinking, and furthermore, there’s even a hologram which has been “programmed” to illustrate how deceptive our senses can be. in this case your sense of commonsense. why else do you suppose this remarkable product is endorsed by professional athletes,( and probably sting and madonna too) as opposed to educated people. like steven hawkins. i bet that powerband thingum would make him feel a bit less awkward about that gay/retard thing he does with his wrist, regardless of whether or not it helps him get properly barreled or slam dunk from his wheelchair.so there! don’t knock stupidity and ignorance, if its all that some people got going for them. on the other hand, i’d be interested to see the pro balance or whatever idiots’ lawyers defending their integrity in an official and scientific enquiry, while their thousands of loyal customers reeled around with the realization that they were scientifically proven to be dumbasses.

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  42. Anonymous says:

    Very good article, I enjoyed it very much.

    Always knew those bracelets were bullshit.

    Very very good title, very fresh 🙂

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  43. Rich says:

    That was possibly the most biast artical Ive ever read, its always easy to do a smear campaign when being totally negative and one sided .

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  44. Andrew says:

    I bought one the PB bands and its made me feel kak ever since..cos I was such an idiot. I intend suing them cos of its adverse effects. they admit it has varied effects on different people. The only way to counter my claim of adverse influence on my body’s energy field will be to admit it actually has no effect. cos they cant disprove that it doesnt affect me adversely..

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  45. DC says:

    Check the PB website.. http://www.powerbalance.com/australia/ca

    PB Haters -1 PB wearers – 0

    “In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility.

    We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct in breach of s52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

    If you feel you have been misled by our promotions, we wish to unreservedly apologise and offer a full refund.

    To obtain a refund please visit our website http://www.powerbalance.com.au or contact us toll-free on 1800 733 436

    This offer will be available until 30th June 2011. To be eligible for a refund, together with return postage, you will need to return a genuine Power Balance product along with proof of purchase (including credit card records, store barcodes and receipts) from an authorised reseller in Australia.

    This Corrective Notice has been paid for by Power Balance Australia Pty Ltd and placed pursuant to an undertaking to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission given under section 87B of the Trade Practices Act, 1974.”

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  46. charl says:

    Andy Davis great article once again. You were right on the money. Just wish the assholes who posted anonymously had more balls to leave a name. we all know now that they walk around in crocs and wear pink power balance bracelets.

    recently exposed as false advertisers – powerbalance


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  47. Zef Leopard says:

    I think my power bracelet is kiefer than Kiefer Sutherland. But I prefer wearing around my piel even though it’s a bit tight.

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  48. wefewgfer says:

    When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water

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