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Hello Goebbels!

by Andy Davis / 02.04.2012

Guess what. Joseph Goebbels has been resurrected and has found gainful employment working alongside Jimmy Manyi. And you thought the Secrecy Bill was all about making our government less accountable and more corrupt. You big cynic, you. It’s actually about protecting the birth certificates of well-spoken 7 year old school girls.

But it doesn’t just stop there. The propaganda campaign aptly shows how the Protection of Information Bill will protect everything from driver’ licenses to the Aids vaccine, from refugees (conjuring the Rwandan genocide) to human trafficking. What it doesn’t mention is the lack of a public defence clause that would protect journalists and whistleblowers who expose corruption by leaking classified documents, from mandatory jail time.

If you ever had any doubt about this government’s intention of forcing through this draconian bit of legislation, watching these videos should finally control alt delete those.

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