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by Dave Durbach / 12.04.2010

Bakkies and bikes brought thousands to Ventersdorp on Friday to pay final respects to South Africa’s most revered racist, show off their most offensive right-wing regalia and discuss how much they despise Julius Malema. Those who foresaw some form of violent confrontation were proved wrong on a day marked by sombre celebrations, impassioned pleas for respect, a heavy police presence and the steady gaze of international media attention.

It was a day of far greater significance than merely the funeral of a man who had long ceased to hold any sway in this country, if indeed he had ever done so. The circumstances of his murder (at least before the sordid rumours began surfacing) had elevated Eugene Terre’Blanche to an unlikely symbol of contemporary fears and sensitivities, and the perceived (though spurious) persecution of whites here. Rather than getting teary-eyed about the good old days or reminisce about what a great guy ET was, most used the day as a soapbox to mouth off about crime and corruption, the World Cup, Mugabe and most of all, Malema.

“After Dr. Verwoerd’s funeral, this is the biggest funeral I’ve ever been to,” says Danie, 64, from Vereeniging. “I was at Treurnicht’s funeral too, but for me it wasn’t such a big occasion as this one. The issue wasn’t so serious in people’s hearts, because back then there weren’t so many murders and so many crimes in this country. But as time goes on, it just gets more and more, and more and more people realize that the so-called democracy doesn’t work.”

“They buried Terre’Blanche today, but the feeling that we want to be a free nation – they can’t bury that. A free nation that governs ourselves, by our own people.”
“With laws, rules, discipline, respect, morals, not savages.” Someone else pipes in.
“Hierso, there’s no fokkin’ law in this country.” adds another.
“That’s what we’re saying. We want to govern ourselves.” continues Danie, getting worked up. “If they want war, they gonna get fokkin’ war.”

“If that’s what they want, they’ll get it.” repeats his buddy Kobus, 42. “But if that’s not what they wanted, they made a big mistake killing Eugene. ‘Cos that’s the message that people get. They want to do the same to white people here than what they did in Zimbabwe. That’s the message we’re getting at this stage. Malema had been quiet for quite a while. All of sudden he visits Zimbabwe. He actually goes out of his way to provoke the white people. And then all of a sudden, not any white guy, but Eugene Terre’Blanche gets murdered.”

“They think it was easy in Zimbabwe, but they don’t know the people here.” warns Kobus. “It won’t be as easy, I tell you. I won’t leave here cos they tell me to leave. They’ll have to carry me out.”

Nearby, a younger guy in his 20s has a crowd growing in front of him. His name is also Kobus. “I work with black people every day,” he says. “Do you know what they tell me? They tell me, ‘wait until after the World Cup’. Unfortunately for them, the shit has hit the fan before the World Cup. So what now? They want us to be quiet? And let them take over the fuckin country like they did? What is there today? There’s nothing!

“Dissie waarheid!” a woman in the audience enthuses.
“We want Malema! We want Malema!” some fool tries to get a chant going.

Young Kobus launches into a lengthy diatribe against Malema and Uncle Bob, then he drives it home. “We are Afrikaners. We want this country to mean something. When people talk about us, hulle moet weet, they must know who we are.”

“We can share this country with black people. We don’t want anyone to bring back apartheid, that’s not necessary. But they, the black people of this country, especially the people in the ANC, they must come right…If the government is like this, then we must fight for our land. And if there are people who get in our way, for our country, then we will continue fighting against them. I can promise you there are more white people in this country now who will stand together then there ever has been. We white people want to stand together against the corruption in this country, and the murders. We are gatvol!”

“Why won’t they understand the Afrikaner?” another guy sighs.

Though besieged by people decked out in army fatigues, AWB swastikas and the oranje-blanje-blou, life carries on as usual for the black residents of Ventersdorp. At the taxi rank up the street from the church, people are turning a blind eye to proceedings. Miranda, 25, said she felt no anger for ET: “I feel nothing for Terre’Blanche. Nothing at all.” As for his supporters, she is similarly nonplussed. “They are doing what they are supposed to do. You have to respect the dead. It’s the funeral of their leader. They are showing their respect for Mr. Terre’Blanche.”

Miranda is disappointed at not being able to attend the funeral. “I also wanted to go. The problem is, they said black people are not allowed to go to the funeral, because he was killed by a black man.” Like many in this town, Miranda considers Terre’Blanche’s killers heroes. “They’ve done a great job. We’ve been abused by Terre’Blanche for so long, so they did us a big favour.” She’s quick to distance herself from the controversial youth leader, however. “I don’t agree with Malema, He’s speak for himself, not for everybody.” No there’s something your average AWB member doesn’t hear every day.

Michael, 42, was a little more apprehensive. “It’s alright, there’s nothing that affects me. I’m not angry, but I worry – when these people come back from the funeral, all these young white guys, you must expect trouble. You can see that they’re still feeling something, and they’re prepared to do anything. I’m nervous. You cannot just say ‘no, trust the police’. They are nowhere to be seen in the middle of the town, they are out on the outskirts.”

Stability, 26, says that ET had it coming to him. “What goes around comes around. It was his fault. If you are bad, you get a bad result.” There have always been racial tensions in Ventersdorp, he says. “We work for white people, we work for the little money that we have. We do it patiently. They are swearing at us, they are beating us, but we won’t move. There are a lot of black people who have been killed by whites. But there was no conflict between white and black; they didn’t fight…If someone does bad things, one person’s gonna take it easy, but someone else, he’s gonna want revenge. We’re not the same.”

His friend Mangosta, 34, is quick to dismiss the conservative Afrikaner view that ET’s murder was somehow sanctioned by the ANC. “They shouldn’t take it politically. They didn’t kill him for political reasons. They just did it because he was maybe doing something bad to them.”

Though accepting of the Afrikaner’s place and role in SA, Mangosta said he would be willing to defend himself if provoked, echoing Kobus and Danie’s sentiments: “If they fight, we’ll fight back. We’ll give them what they want.”

Certain ultra-conservative Afrikaners go on about how they are being victimized in the new South Africa; how their unique culture is being threatened by pluralism and democracy. At the root of their fears lies an inability to consider the hardships faced by others, or to see things in anything other than black and white. Malema thus becomes a spokesperson for all black people, a dangerous non sequitur that makes it possible for them to blame him, and by association all black people, for the murder of their leader, reinforcing the ‘us and them’ mentality. Just as dangerous is that these people claim to represent the interests of all egte boere, when the majority of white Afrikaners would surely cringe at the prospect of being spoken for by ET, especially a dead one.

While Terre’Blanche’s death should have closed a chapter on militant, ultra-conservative politics in SA, Julius Malema has proven himself more than willing to assume ET’s mantle, should the ANC give him half a chance. Whereas Terre’Blanche was the leader of a small bunch of crackpot conspiracy theorists, however, Malema presently garners far more power and influence than ET ever did. President Zuma’s remarks the day after the funeral promise to put Malema in his place, at last, and should help offset the generalizations upon which conservative Afrikaners’ racism is based. All in all, Friday in Ventersdorp proved not only to be a farewell for Terre’Blanche, but far more importantly, a watershed in Malema’s own political ambitions and a barometer of tolerance and democracy in this country.

All images © Dave Durbach.

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  1. Jesus Mannix says:

    Big ups to the Zef massif, re young couple walking, backs to camera.

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  2. 'strue says:

    You guys hear what happened in Ventersdorp the day the court case started… apparently the cops had to separate everyone with barbed wire… all the whites were singing Die Stem… all the blacks were singing kill the boer… and the 6 coloureds there were in the middle singing Make the circle Beega!!

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  3. bro says:

    What Afrikaner right-wingers dont understand is that racial and cultural puritanism is contradictory and impossible when re: the South African experience. Look around you. Were all up in each others shit. Everyone, black people especially, has assimilated into a new plural and inclusive national identity. What makes them think themselves above it? Lets attack the poverty suffered by the majority of the population. Thats what the real problem is, here.

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  4. sounds crazy says:

    wow good journalism and crazy pics-it still bothers me that Malema said kill the boer -kill the rapist……and the accused said he tried to rape them….and now the minor has retracted these allegations…..mmmmm……..and it happened on the only weekend that malema was out of the country and on Hani’s anniversary..mmmmm…..and the initial reports qouted Terrorblache’s wife as saying the 28yr old employee had appeared on the scene only 3 weeks ago….mmmmm-hope not

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  5. Questions says:

    When did the USA become a recognised country? Are they confused settlers too? Are they allowed to celebrate their individual cultural heritages? Thought so.

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  6. Questions says:

    And. Obviously. The AWB is just as far to the right as Mahala is to the left. The middle ground would be a lovely place to get together for tea, koeksisters and mopane worms.

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  7. kobus says:

    this is starting 2 sound like 911, gorv killed Eugene! wow! i think people are giving them a lot of credit. 1st of all Malema can talk yah, but he is coward… he does it only when he is in a crowd, where fighting him back would probably get you into trouble. ANC is too busy trying to get Zuma’s thousand kids 2 school. Anywayz, i dont think they smart enough 2 execute such.

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  8. A hungry mob is an angry neighbour says:

    @ kobus – there doesn’t need to be a sinister agenda or a master plan for things to get very dangerous very quickly. There can’t be much doubt that our government is not particularly interested in the welfare of the population, black or white – it is quite clear that self enrichment is the path most of our politicians have chosen for themselves – so if/when things do fall apart, one has to wonder at the state’s ability – or motivation – to pull things back together. Hungry, desperate people in a lawless state is only slightly less terrifying than a co-ordinated planned assault. With the latter, you only have to address the leaders of the force, with the former, you have to address the root causes of the situation – something that has not been done in our history to date, pre or post 1994, South Africa or pretty much anywhere else on the continent.

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  9. Nobantu. says:

    This all sad that it has come to this. Malema is entertaining but he is also an idiot. Its so sad that this man’s funeral turned into a parade where other boers wanted to push their own agendas. All I have to say is everyone must get with the time and ja make the circle bigger!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Im happy i live in Cape Town.

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  11. SAIRR statement says:

    Subject: Statement by the South African Institute of Race Relations on the ramifications of the killing of Eugène Terre’Blanche

    Dear readers,

    The Institute desisted from issuing a formal statement in the immediate aftermath of the killing of Mr Terre’Blanche in order to first gauge the broader social, political, and international reaction to the killing. The Institute is now in a position to make the following points.

    Racial tensions in the country appear to have increased significantly in recent weeks. This appears to be chiefly as a result of incitement by the ruling African National Congress to ‘shoot and kill’ the Afrikaner ethnic minority in the country. The anxiety around this incitement may well have influenced opinions across the broader white community. What appears to be the case is that much of the racial rapprochement that characterised the first 15 years of South Africa’s democracy is being undone. This rapprochement saw both black and white South Africans come to occupy a middle ground on race relations upon which the maintenance of future stable race relations depends.

    Since 1994 the number of white farmers and their families murdered in South Africa is conservatively put at around 1 000. It may very well be much higher. There are currently an estimated 40 000 commercial farmers in the country. Over this same period in the region 250 000 South Africans out of a total current population of approximately 47 million have been murdered. Criminal violence can therefore be described as ‘rampant’ and has done considerable damage to the social fabric of the country. However, this is not to say that all murders in the country are a function of simple criminal banditry. In an environment where law and order has largely collapsed the consequences of incitement by political leaders to commit murder must be taken seriously.

    Over the same period the policy measures put in place by the Government to raise the living standards of the black majority have failed to meet expectations. The key interventions of affirmative action and black economic empowerment have been exploited by the African National Congress to build a network of patronage that has made elements of its leadership extremely wealthy. The party also appears to have been so overwhelmed by corrupt tendencies that it is no longer able to act decisively against corrupt behaviour.

    It has also through incompetence and poor policy been unable to address failures in the education system which are now the primary factor retarding the economic advancement of black South Africans.

    At the same time the party is acutely aware that its support base of poor black South Africans has begun to turn against it. Violent protest action against the ruling party is now commonplace around the country.

    In order to shore up support in the black community the ANC increasingly appears to be seeking to shift the blame for its delivery failures onto the small white ethnic minority, which today comprises well under 10% of the total population of South Africa. Here parallels may be read to the behaviour of Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe when that party realised that its political future was in peril. The ANC Youth League’s recent visit to Zanu-PF which saw it endorse that party’s ruinous polices are pertinent here.

    In such an environment it is plausible to consider that the ANC’s exhortations to violence may be a contributing factor to the killing of Mr Terre’Blanche. Certainly the ANC’s protestations to the contrary seem ridiculous as the party is in effect saying that its followers pay no attention to what it says – this from a party that routinely claims that it is the manifestation of the will of all black South Africans. This is not to say that a labour dispute or some other matter could not have inflamed tensions on the Terre’Blanche farm. Rather it is to say that a number of different matters should be considered in determining the motivation for the crime.

    Certainly the ANC’s exhortations to violence have created a context where the killings of white people will see a degree of suspicion falling around the party and its supporters.
    It is of concern therefore that the police’s senior management are on record as saying that they will not consider a political motive or partial motive for the killing of Mr Terre’Blanche. This suggests an early effort to cover up the ANC’s possible culpability for inciting the crime.

    Should any allegations of a political cover-up arise in the pending murder trial of the two young men accused of the Terre’Blanche murder the political consequences could be significant. Should evidence be led that the two young men acted with what they understood to be the tacit backing of the ANC, and a causal link between their actions and incitement by the ANC be established, then the possibility of charging the ANC’s senior leadership in connection to the murder arises. Equally plausible is that the Terre’Blanche family and the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging could bring a civil suit against the ANC and the Government.

    It is possible that the killing of Mr Terre’Blanche will greatly strengthen the hand of a new hardened right wing in South Africa. In life Mr Terre’Blanche attracted a small, uninfluential, and extremist following. He will not be mourned for what he stood for. However, in death he may come to represent the experiences of scores of minority groups in the country who perceive themselves as being on the receiving end of racist and now also violent abuse from the ANC. In effect therefore Mr Terre’Blanche may be seen as having been martyred for a minority cause in the country.

    The implications of a resurgent right wing will be numerous. It is most unlikely that this right wing will take the form of camouflage clad henchmen on horses in shows of force. The ANC has also often, wrongly, identified groups including the political opposition, Afriforum, agricultural unions, and even this Institute as ‘the right wing’. This silly ‘red under every bed’ attitude in the ANC saw it lose the trust of many civil society and political groups. These groups could all be defined first and foremost by the common belief that they had to act within the bounds of what the Constitution prescribed.

    But the ANC belittled and undermined them. It also undermined parliament, the national prosecution service, and the various human rights and other organisations that were established under the Constitution. It may yet usurp the independence of the courts and the judiciary. The result was a shutting down of many of the democratic channels that were created for citizens in the country to make the Government aware of their concerns and circumstances.

    The resurgence of a new political consciousness among minorities could drive an altogether different political force. Such a movement will draw its strength chiefly from a hardening attitudes in the white community but perhaps also in the Indian and coloured communities. These will be views that in the main have come to subscribe to some or all of the following points:

    1. That the Government has corrupted and debilitated many of the country’s internal democratic processes for political or civil expression that were established under the Constitution
    2. That cooperation with the current Government of South Africa is therefore fundamentally unfeasible and therefore futile
    3. That the Government is unable to restore law and order in the country
    4. That the Government is therefore unable protect its citizens
    5. That the Government has a hostile agenda against minority groups

    However it is equally, if not most likely, that many minorities who subscribe to the five points above may simply get so fed up that those who can will pack up and go. Here they may take the advice of President Zuma to remain calm as they pack up their businesses and their families and calmly board aircraft for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and Great Britain. With the exodus will leave much of the tax and expertise base of the country.

    Should the ANC, however, find itself facing increased political resistance it will in many respects have a tiger by the tail. Firstly, the ANC depends greatly on the tax income paid by white South Africans to balance South Africa’s books. Secondly, it depends entirely on the food produced by a small number of white farmers to feed the country. Thirdly, white South Africans still dominate the skills base of the country. Finally, and most importantly, much white opinion since the early 1990s has been moderate. White South Africa has been willing and often eager to cooperate with the Government in building an open, non-racial, and prosperous South Africa. Losing that cooperation will to an extent put an end to any serious chance that the ANC has of leading South Africa to become a successful and prosperous democracy.

    While the ANC will be inclined to blame whites for this, and may even take drastic action to confiscate white commercial interests as they are currently doing in agriculture, these actions will be ruinous for the economy. The result of such ruin will be to drive a deeper wedge between the ANC and its traditional support base and thereby hasten the political decay of the party.

    When General Constand Viljoen decided to throw his lot in with democracy in the early 1990s the right wing in South Africa was a spent force. So it should and could have remained. The ANC could have taken advantage of white expertise and tax revenue to realise their own vision of a better life for all. Things have however gone badly wrong for the party. Corruption has destroyed its ability to meet the demands of its constituents while racial bigotry has now seen it defending its image against what should have been an insignificant and dying neo-Nazi faction in the country.

    The failure of sensible South Africans to take back the racial middle ground in the country will be serious. Polarisation will beget further racial conflict and a hardening of attitudes on all sides. This is perhaps the greatest leadership test that the current Government has faced and it is one that they cannot afford to fail.

    Frans Cronje
    Deputy CEO
    South African Institute of Race Relations

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  12. bro says:

    This Frans Cronje asshole sounds hella racist. Yeah, SA without white people is the apocalypse encarnate. Fuck outta here with that bullshit, tryna scare peopsle into obedience. Only concerted concern, not intimidation will unite South Africans.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Bro, Frans Cronje is actually black, you racist fuck.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Malema killed the word ‘racist’. He used it once too often when caught with his fat fucking hand in the cookie jar.

    it no longer has any meaning. Can we think of something else to chant as a means of diverting attention from the facts?

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  15. nissim says:

    eish, who’s the hottie in the blue golf with the AWB epaulettes?
    she’d be a great mascot for my ‘kasi soccer team a la “Deidre Does Diepkloof”
    on her days off she can feed my horse

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  16. She's called a racist for being afraid says:


    “The same policeman approached me but this time with a torch in his hand and he started banging at my window telling me to get out of my car and called me a racist, implying I was afraid because they were all African and the men who came out through the bushes were African as well.”

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  17. agree says:

    Don’t know what’s worse – the swastika or the kak mags on that bakkie.

    these peope would be taken far more seriously if they weren’t such parodies of baddies in a Indiana Jones movie.

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  18. Hitler Learns That the AWB Have Called Off Their Machete Race War says:


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  19. Jason says:

    Our malawian gardener was also told to ‘wait til after the world cup’. What is meant to happen then? What are we waiting for? He’s not sticking around to find out.

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  20. down to business says:

    Fellow South Africans of all colours and cultures, I fear that we may have reached the stage where the luxury of ideological difference and debate can no longer be practically accommodated in our land. Are we heading for a stage where these differences are being ridiculously amplified, distorted and exploited by irresponsible and wilfully desperate opportunists for their own self-destructive gratification? Have we become so inconsiderate and fearful to the point that seeing a situation from someone else’s point of view feels like capitulation and invites abuse, thereby serving as full justification for a hardened attitude and an aggressive resolve?

    In a “normal” society, people who classify themselves as “moderates” can afford the luxury of non-participation in political activity. Perhaps more than ever, moderate and considerate South Africans need to speak louder than ever with one voice to remind everyone that we always have and always will constitute the majority of this country’s citizens.

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  21. Luckmin says:

    Really great piece of journalism Dave.

    This malignant otherning will eat at our national identity, our self-hood and our humanity as a whole.
    Idiots on pedestals speak for none but themselves.
    Thanks for making me laugh in the first few comments guys. I was beginning to think the whole country had lost its mind.

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  22. Intellectualising on internet forums says:

    will get us nowhere.

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  23. People that know they should be doing something but aren't says:

    always say things like that

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  24. Anonymous says:

    If I ever regretted leaving S.A. 35 years ago, looking at those pictures of angry neo-Nazis made me remember why it was still the best decision I ever made.

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  25. Anonymous says:

    yeah, because S.A. is the only place with angry neo-Nazis.

    Wake up, fella.

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  26. hannes says:

    ‘Malema jy is die selfde kleur as my kak’ – Jesus that’s brilliant! Need a lifetime to sort through how appalling that is!

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  27. get up stand up says:

    @ Bro. I don’t think that Frans Cronje is racist. I don’t think that that is the purpose of SAIRR, my understanding is that it is a think tank tasked with considering issues of race and how they affect the nation in SA. My take out from the statement was not one of intimidation, but rather a plain matter of fact statement of possibilities, which should not be ignored; retaliating rather than consideration is a poor response.

    But I do agree with your assertion that “Only concerted concern, not intimidation will unite South Africans.” In my opinion, SA is where it is today to a very large degree because of two sole factors:

    1. The ruling party’s ineptitude and lack of concern with the plight of the people
    2. The wealthy classes’ lack of concern with the plight of the masses and related lack of effort to make real efforts to rebuild the country

    Lately Mahala has tended to harp on about the latter of these; it is a very substantial cause of the problem, but the former is just as relevant. Hopefully, the people will realise that leaders are not the solution to the problem, rather they are a large part of the problem.

    Responsibility for your actions, and concern for your fellow man – this is where we have to get to as a nation.

    This is a very delicate time in our nation’s history. How both government and the wealthy respond will to a large degree determine what kind of a place SA will be to live in the next decade.

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  28. Jason says:

    If you lean too far to the left, you eventually fall over.

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  29. Skollie says:

    “Bakkies and bikes brought thousands to Ventersdorp on Friday to pay final respects to South Africa’s most revered racist, show off their most offensive right-wing regalia and discuss how much they despise Julius Malema”

    A fantastic piece of writing Dave.

    Murdering ANYONE over a wage dispute, or cutting in front of you in traffic is just really a fucked up thing!!!

    That’s not how we as a people should resolve anything, but the fact simply is that this is how we as South Africans behave. Why…I don’t know and won’t pretend to have a long winded solution either. We speak of two people committing a murder or one man of inciting racial tension but the simple truth here is WHO are these people 1-Murdering and 2- Inciting
    Look at these photos man, shit…that is fucking scary shit man, all those very angry people, then look at any Malema rally, also masses of people all wanting to be led, told what to do, what to think and who is right in a South Africa of wrongs.

    Whether you live in Cape Town, or anywhere else in the world, if you still consider yourself a South African with a FREE MIND then it’s our duty to change what we can for the better. I am not talking about joining par lament or a political party, I’m simply talking about our day to day lives. Changing simple things that are in your power to change.

    So Dave, thanks for going out to Ventersdorp and giving us your views on our current state, which we all can agree is very scary and tense at the moment.


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  30. lazio says:

    After the world cup blacks will attack other races. just like they did the foreigners during the xenophobia madness..other races will be seen as settlers who are taking their jobs..army, police etc will be powerless to stop the masses..remember this has happened before in Rwanda etc..believe me they are just itching for it to start..the poor majority will never accept the fact that the people they voted for and believed in are the ones who are actually bleeding this country dry..they are ready to vent their anger on other races..brace yourself

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  31. Andy says:

    Lazio… or is that Lazy-ou… get a grip you fear mongering idiot!

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  32. Andy says:

    What a complete load of reactionary drivel… same as the old DIe Swart Gevaar “they’ll slay us in our sleep” jive.

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  33. Tom Wood says:

    Geez, Lazio. You need to get laid.

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  34. Jason says:

    Lazio, they gonna get you, but only cos you’re paranoid.

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  35. Juan says:

    Im with Lazio. It will happen. Its inevitable.Are u guys just pretending that xenophobia shit didnt happen. Where were you? Wake up!!…dont u see the service delivery protests and strikes..people are angry!..and dont think just cos u have a few black friends at work etc that you will be safe..In Rwanda people killed their neigbours and kids whom they were living beside peacfully for years

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  36. my heart is bleeding buckets and I'm so open minded that my brain must have fallen out says:

    Lazio Lazio…look at the rest of this wonderful continent. The people are peaceful and productive. Indiginisation is going so well that soon there won’t be any crops or roads or work or any of those things that drive us panga crazy. Viva the Reversion. (I personally can’t wait until human meat is back on the menu…oh wait…muti killings are still legal…right…? It is a traditional right…it is a culture)

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  37. the critics critic says:

    And in the first pic of the broers sitting on the back of the bakkie, i am sure they will never see the irony of them sitting on a bakkie made in a ‘communist’ country like china. janeewellfine and soegaanit.
    A real gathering of dinosaurs and not much else. Its like a parallel universe but its still pretty scary that it exists. I guess Ventersdorp is where all the people have gone who did actually vote for the national party. Before they betrayed them anyway……

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  38. Wurn says:

    I have a solution to the government and SAIRR how to solve most of the racial conflict in SA: Drop BEE to make us all equal before we can be and act equal. By hiring the best person for the job most issues about corruption and service delivery will automatically be sorted.

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  39. Frankie says:

    I want my kiddy to grow up in a safe place. I want him to be happy and to have a healthy, well-balanced outlook on life. I don’t want him to be subject to the mad ramblings of whacked whites and babbling blacks who can’t seem to get on with the job of making SA a safe and prosperous country for future generations.

    I do worry.
    I worry a lot for my boy who had fuck all to do with apartheid. Who doesn’t even know who the fuck Julius is, or who ET was.

    I wish the zealots would try instead, to make just one person smile a genuine happy and light hearted smile every day, and not make thousands frown and bitch every time they deem it necessary to regurgitate their poison.

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  40. Ac says:

    The best comment by far is by ‘strue…
    (Make the circle beega!! , made me laugh for ages)

    I live in Cape Town in a houseshareing vibe with a Namibian, a Zimbabwean, a Joburger (eish… I know), a German, and another Cape Townian…
    The German girl who only recently arrived in SA said to me how fantastic she thinks it is that we all poke fun at each other being “racist” and making jokes about each others races and countries/cities (I think the Joburger gets it the worst haha). She says in Germany if you mention race people look at you in shock and horror…!

    Well, lets get real. We are all different, we have different beliefs and ways of thinking and are also brought up differently. And maybe the best way to move forward is not to ignore our obvious differences but to accept them and MOVE on!!!?

    I’m young and naive but full of hope.

    South Africa rocks, but it takes people to rock together, one person rocking alone is just a wierdo.

    So lets laugh at dorks like old Julius and Eugene for the fools they are and not get so worked up by their stupid racist propaganda, because attention is exactly what they want. I think nothing makes someone feel more stupid than being laughed AT…

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