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False Prophets

by Morrel Shilenge / 07.03.2014

With elections around the corner, politics is taking centre stage. Messages of false hope offering a bright future are uttered, misleading people and drawing them to the polls on false pretenses. A month or a week later, the false prophets vanish… and wait until another election comes.

Voters are lured in by promises of housing, land and jobs in rallying parties’ manifestos. These promises are broken after the elections. We all know that the motive of a hardcore politician is strictly self-gain and not service. Yes, there are a few exemptions to this statement.

Karl Marx’s celebrated dictum reads: “Religion is the opium of the people.” That was 170 years ago and now our society is largely secular, but the people still need their opium.

In my opinion, politics has become one of the new opiums of the people, and it’s controlled by the politicians. This opium of the new world is a useful tool to keep the masses supine.

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  1. Blah Blah Tshabalala says:

    yip. Opium. that and sport and hip hop and tv and advertising industry and music industry and shopping malls and magazines and hollywood and facebook and ………

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  2. Fongkong Tiger says:

    “politics has become one of the new opiums of the people, and it’s controlled by the politicians”
    => politics affects us all. it’s the political parties that are the opium. people need to try thinking politics beyond the party.

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  3. Camii says:

    Roxzana: I think the larger proelbm is that the public faces of Christianity in America at least those who show up in the media are idiots. Belligerent, judgmental, arrogant and patently moronic idiots. (And then of course you have religious fanatics killing each other across the Middle East and south Asia.) Because the news media in America is corporate-owned (and therefore profit driven), stories are only news if they have entertainment value. The news shows only want to interview people who are willing to encapsulate complex theological ideas into 5 second inflammatory soundbytes. The media also tends to think that religious is synonymous with conservative, and so every time there is a story on, for example, gay marriage or Mary Cheney’s baby, they haul out James Dobson or quote press releases from Concerned Women for America. This sad habit only reinforces for secular people the fear that religion is a contagious disease that renders the victim incapable of rational thought. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Jesus was baloney, myself.It would be nice if Faustus weren’t *quite* so openly dismissive of people of faith (ahem), but as a gay person I can say many religious people are openly dismissive of me (or worse), so I can’t hold that against him.

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