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Baba Jukwa Speaks

by Wikileaks Forum / 30.07.2013

If you don’t know already, Baba Jukwa is like a Zimbabwean Wikileaks. ‘A concerned father, fighting nepotism and directly linking the community with their leaders’. Jukwa is an anonymous Facebook activist who claims to be a disgruntled Zanu PF insider with heavy political connections and a mandate to air all their dirty laundry. It was initially believed Baba Jukwa was one individual. However, as the page has gathered momentum, it’s obvious that there are many Baba Jukwa contributors who gather secret information from within Zanu PF meetings and structures and share it online, using one account collaboratively. If you want to gauge what’s happening on the ground in Zimbabwe, on the eve of tomorrow’s presidential and parliamentary elections, Baba Jukwa paints both a hopeful and desperate picture. Here we re-publish Baba Jukwa’s exclusive interview with the Wikileaks Forum. Asijiki!

What do you believe is Mugabe’s greatest strength and weakness?

Baba Jukwa: The man is no longer a man, he is being manipulated by the army and Mnangagwa.

What is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to Zimbabwe?

There are a lot I cant name, Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, continued abductions and torture, people killed for diamonds, killing of opposition supporters and activists. Close family members of Zanu people not arrested for committing crimes.

What do you think is the best thing and the worst thing that Mugabe has done as president?

All mentioned above.

What political or historical figure most impresses you and why?

Chindori-Chininga, Josiah Tongogara, Alfred Nikta Mangena, Solomon Mujuru. These men died for the truth. They were all assassinated for speaking against Mugabe except Mangena who was killed by Joshua Nkomo and Dumiso Dabengwa as he demanded transparency. Dumiso Dabengwa is another person who is like Mugabe, who killed and participated in many disappearances of our people whom he killed, so they are both birds of same feathers who should rot in jail.

Mugabe has allegedly put $300,000 on your head for revealing state secrets. Do you know whether the Zimbabwe government is actively trying to identify you and whether other countries are assisting them?

Yes they are trying everyday with the help of China, Pakistan and Taiwan, but they will fail dismally as I have planned everything and put everything in place for more than 100 people to take over the page should anything happen to me. I also urged them to recruit more people when I happen to be in trouble and I only told my lawyer that if anything happens he gives passwords to my pal who will take over so this is now a tradition, it passes from one to another, so getting me won’t make me silent but you will be passing on the baton.

You mentioned in one of your posts that you felt disillusioned. What was the turning point which got you started back in March?

I felt it was the right time as I wanted to pin down and destroy the evil Zanu PF and I know it’s dead on it’s knees as we speak.

How do you feel about the fact that thousands of people around the world support what you are doing?

It makes me a complete Zimbabwean to see the international community supporting the people’s cause. I hope they will continue with their support no matter what happens.

The current government will not tolerate the allegations you have made. It is likely that if identified you would be persecuted for telling your compatriots what goes on. Are you actively seeking asylum in a foreign country as a result?

As of now I haven’t, but I know they are on my tail, but if any country would want to offer me that status it will be welcomed because operating from that country will allow me to operate freely without interference and disturbances, as of current state.

What do you have to say to those head of states who express concern about what his happening in Zimbabwe?

They should not fear to speak their mind out, but should come out clearly and show Mugabe that he is not God.

Since joining Facebook your page has acquired close to 300 000 likes. The name Baba Jukwa is mentioned all over Zimbabwe: in the street, taxis, colleges and townships. Were you expecting to reach such a vast audience?

I knew that people wanted a platform where to speak, for instance, I can tell you that people who are visiting my page daily, including those who didn’t like the page, now amounts to more than ten million.

Assuming that the elections do take place on July 31st, what’s next for the concerned father Baba Jukwa?

The page will continue as a people’s forum which will make sure people are not suppressed

Are you likely to be part of Zimbabwe’s new government if Mugabe is not re-elected?

No I don’t I think so because I have played my part already in freeing the country.

In view of the extraordinary success you have encountered through the social media and via your posts on various internet sites, have your expectations and objectives changed since you started the Baba Jukwa page back in March?

No I am still on track and will remain on track.

Have you had any contacts or indications that other Mugabe opponents wanted to join forces with you?

A lot of them, nearly three quarters of the people in the country

What else would you like to be able to do to make a difference for the upcoming elections?

Push the AU to respect all the people of Zimbabwe. For the AU chairperson, known to be a staunch Mugabe fan, [Nkosozana Dlamini-Zuma], to lie to the world that everything is okay in Zim while everything is in a mess in terms of the voter’s roll, etc…

Are you enjoying what you are doing?

Yes because I am serving my people despite the fact that my life is at risk.

Have you had a chance to follow the cricket?

Yes… that is a great sport, hey.

*Opening image ripped shamelessly from the BBC.

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