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Ze Parlotones


KFC Kahn responds to all ze criticism!

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  1. anon says:

    nice idea – poorly executed.

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  2. ditto says:


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  3. Pink Freud says:

    Michel !!! Hellooo !!

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  4. anonz says:


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  5. anonz says:

    ripping off the parlotones, now that’s ayoba.

    going to the website of the ripper-offer only to be assaulted by lame douchebagness complete with armani sunglasses sponsorship. not ayoba.

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  6. Anonymous says:


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  7. Pink Freud says:

    Using a phrase coined by an advertiser to denote what is cool, is, as Carlito from the WWE would say, “not cool”.

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  8. Aylin says:

    JM you have just blown my mind .your right we shouldnt let pelope mess up the world, the fact is that this is our world and we should take care of it not destroy it..I believe pelope in politics are just cowards and shouldnt have power to say whether or not they can chop dowon trees for economical means. We should step up and not let this problem get any worse. We can either do it peacefully or the hard way. Truthfully the peacefull way will take too much time. And there wot be much time left if we keep delaying the solution. People won’t change completely from silly PowerPoint presentations, we need a revolution, we need a change in this world.

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