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Michelle Breeze is back! Who you say. Well she was kinda big in the late 90s, early noughties with a band called Fetish. Been in London ever since doing this.

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  1. now is everything says:

    unfortunately as far as songwriting and production are concerned it sounds like she’s still stuck in the early noughties

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  2. jon monsoon says:

    @ now is everything…errr…as does..87% of everything else in music currently going as “popular”? Haven’t you noticed?

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  3. Roger Young says:

    We’re three months in and you want a definitive sound already?

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  4. so now what? says:

    I think the point was that it sounds dated. You can make that judgement at any time, not just at the beginning of the decade. Just because a lot of stuff doing the rounds may sound dated as well doesn’t change that either.

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  5. red marker says:

    sounds like trip hop is going to make a come back???????

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  6. Andy says:

    nah she’ll probably just fade back into obscurity

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  7. Paul Adriscal says:

    Love the mood of it! Everything is so nice out there at the moment.

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  8. Gaz@NokiaMusic says:

    Only just seen this now for the first time… sounds great!… and what difference does it make if it sounds dated!… Those were better days anyway!

    Kif or Kak?… I do miss home a little

    p.s The blonde hair is WRONG!

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