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Umthombo Fire!


Umthombo is possibly the most radical organisation in the world. Through surfing and skating, and a whole bunch of tireless social work, they’re basically solving the problem of Durban’s street kids. Want to know more? Watch this video then get involved.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    great organisation, good interviews and footage, KAK subtitles! someone really dropped the ball

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  2. cnut says:

    And yet still I hear ZERO about Nollie Faith and their tireless work with central Jburg street kids???

    Even Canadians give them more assistance and press than the Mahala-High-5-brigade!

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  3. Andy says:

    ha ha cnut right on the cutting edge as always…

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  4. Andy says:

    cnut my friend. we’ll do a feature on Nollie Faith. All in good time. but seriously when you come back to Durban for a visit from your little bolt hole in Australia, you should check out Umthombo… the difference in scale between the two organisations is pretty massive.

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  5. cnut says:

    Australia… hahaha!

    Surely you don’t think a man of my stature at the helm of his niche company would use his real IP address on public forums?

    Have you never wondered how I manage to traverse the globe everytime I post? For an online editor you have a lot to learn… I suppose you think I don’t use ad-blockers either?

    As for Umthombo… I have donated several boards and scores of clothing… ask Quinton Shabs…

    As for the difference in scale… damn straight… imagine how much more difficult it is for a few white boys trying to help central Jburg kids in a war zone with no beach?

    Hence the need for exposure… which Nollie Faith are only getting from a ltd few avenues… as I said… even the Canadian give more of a shit…

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  6. Andy says:

    cnut it’s not that we don’t give a shit… as I said, we’re on it, shit just takes time in Mahala land. Indie publishers that we are, it’s about matching resources with opportunities. If you’re in Durban, I’d be glad to meet up

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