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The Frown spent their MK money wisely. That is all.

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  1. Henk says:

    thumbs up

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  2. Jaya says:

    Much better than the other bands that’s for sure

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  3. Whistler says:

    Mahala, before you go spouting off words like ‘spent their MK money wisely,’ be aware of a number of things:

    1) Unlike The National, all other MVP videos have their credits listed on the YT page. Why is this?
    2) Further investigation indicates that the video was in fact produced by the Magic Factory – a production arm of MNET’s. Two of the producers are DIRECTLY linked to MK, and this is the director’s second consecutive MVP video.

    Inside job much?

    This doesn’t change the fact that he’s a brilliant director, that The Frown is a promising artist, or that it’s a really gorgeous (if slightly derivative – let’s be fair, you are Mahala after all) video, but it’s also irresponsible to say that they spent their money wisely while stifling out the attempts by other upcoming bands or directors who didn’t have access to the same resources.

    It would be wonderful to see how much money each video ACTUALLY got, but that doesn’t really matter: MK took a chance on a lot of newcomers – it’s a risk, and it makes sense that at least one of their videos should be a surefire work of art, otherwise it’s unlike that we’ll have MVPs in the future, and that would be a bad thing as these initiatives inject a LOT into the local industry. So an inside job or two is ok.

    But you guys, as journalists…hell, you’re surely not investigative journalists, but instead of making a post that’s hardly worthy of being a Youtube comment, why not write a piece with some substance and artistic integrity? Maybe some videos are downright bad, maybe others are just short of genius, and maybe most are just plain average, but people aren’t gonna get any better unless sites like Mahala give good critiques rather than bland criticisms that smack of ignorance and laziness.

    Shame on you – here you have a platform that could be something really special, but you use it as a proverbially elevated urinal from which you piss upon a community of artists and would-be artists that should know better than to take ‘articles’ such as this one seriously.

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  4. Wim says:

    Hey Whistler –
    Thanks for the comments and i agree it injects a bit of a boost in the industry – music video industry to say the least….

    With regards to the inside job….just so we clarify – we (MagicFactory) might be affiliated with Mnet, but we are in no way part of the channel, although we produce a fair share of the content on channel, we function like any other outside production company. We only have contact with Mk when it comes to our shows (Studio 1, MK Tag… etc) as for the rest we get the same treatment and just like everyone else, had to pitch the concepts, with artists and their songs to a panel of people of whom none of us are a part. We actually pitched5 concepts – and only got this one. Inside job might have another reference for you: if it means some people making music television, going to every festival and dealing with most local artists on a weekly basis – then we are indeed insiders (but that’s only the production & creative team), no one else that made this video possible is part of of Mnet/ MagicFactory and are people that we have build up relationships in the industry or just freelancers helping out.

    As for the money question…. on all of these videos some people (crew, styling, make-up, animators, art directors, graders) worked for free or very little, we did and spent every sent on tech.
    All the production companies and videos got exactly the same amount.

    Mahala – no further investigation needed. 🙂

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  5. Andy says:

    Whistler thanks for the heat. Wim for the comeback and clarification. Although that bit at the end about “no need to investigate ;-)” just makes me want to dig, dig, dig. But I digress. Most NB Whistler, we give plenty good critiques and investigative pieces on the site. This is a “Random Shit” video. The category is really just a point and click going “hey watch this. we think it’s cool”. Random Shit is not the area where you’ll find investigative cutting edge journalism on Mahala… but surf around, there’s plenty of that under music, culture, reality, art, etc.

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  6. wim says:

    Go dig andy! Thanks for featuring the MVP’s anyway!

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  7. Andy says:

    sorry man, can’t help myself

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  8. Whistler says:

    Thanks for the comments all around.

    Wim – your video is great and this was in no way an attempt to undermine it nor the value of the MK MVP process, regardless of connections, affiliations etc. We need more videos like The National if we really wanna compete on an international level, and that’s the idea right? Your video is the best by a considerable margin, but virtually every video in the lineup stands on its own two legs and it would be nice for them to get some exposure too, wouldn’t you agree?

    Andy – thanks for your words also. Would really like an article in which you crit each of the vids, including the artists and the creatives behind the video. Hopefully that’s on the cards. Sites like Mahala are incredibly important to this whole process, as just these few comments indicate.

    In closing, a lot of props must be given to MK who chose a good mix of artists and creatives and pushed out some videos that were definitely world class. It was also pleasant to see that they gave a platform for some unknowns and up-and-comers as opposed to the usual suspects that always dominate the charts. They’re helping establish a whole new platform for a new generation of young artists, and this needs to be wholly encourage. So more please! 🙂

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  9. Andy says:

    bit of hate from Brandon here… http://www.mahala.co.za/culture/mk-top-10-shaved-dogs/ but that’s just last week’s Top 10 and he’s mainly reacting to the international references… I’ll do the MVP one.

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  10. Tim says:

    Just a note of support to Wim (though he doesn’t need it) – we work with Magic Factory a lot, and also participated in MVP this year and in no way was there any preferential treatment, extra budget or whistle-blowing-worthy skullduggery involved. Well done on an AMAZING video guys!

    In my opinion the best thing about MVP is that it’s a 100% fair project that really doesn’t have any hidden agenda – it’s about making something cool, with people you like and respect, for a client that believes in you enough to just let you do your thing, regardless of outcome. These are factors are are almost never present together on ANY job!

    Surely most of Mahala’s readers work in the arts or media in some way, and I think professionally you’d be hard pressed to be kak about the MVP initiative – although, as always, the videos are and should be open to criticism and feedback.

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  11. Tom says:

    Tim it’s rad you’re being so supportive of The Frown since your video was so kak.

    Good for you.

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  12. Tim says:

    haha whatever man 🙂

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