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The Mandela Story


OK, we know the old man turned 94 earlier this week, but here’s a kif little video for all the late bloomers using terminology you can understand: facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc. Enjoy.

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  1. AT says:

    This is so kak. It’s got nothing to do with teaching “all the late bloomers”, and everything to do with a blatant glossy marketing campaign that has nothing to do with Mandela’s legacy. Like the 46664 campaign, it has everything to do with capitalising on his name while he’s still alive. The guy could barely send and receive letters from his cell, let alone have real-time contact with the outside world – showing Mandela posting glossy status updates, cheesy Instagram pics and prompting and engaging in life- and world-changing discussions and debates beneath his “status updates” and Tweets (all with blatant, bold branding) is embarrassingly trivial, definitely not kif.

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  2. Jeremy says:

    Any idea who the music is by? Or the name of the song used?

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  3. Andy says:

    Jeez AT calm down. The whole thing is prefaced by the comment that if Mandela was born in the time of social media he probably wouldn’t have achieved nearly as much. It’s just a novel way of telling a story. Yeesh.

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  4. Truthsayer says:

    I think that’s a little besides the point Andy. I think what AT’s trying to point out is that this is a shameless marketing ploy for all the parties involved.

    Jeremy, the music’s by local electronic artist The Watermark High. This is also in the credits on Youtube.

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  5. AT says:

    Perfectly calm, but it’s pretty obviously a slick marketing campaign that only really cheapens the brand. And there will be loads more of this to come in the next few years.

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