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The Drums are headlining the next Adidas Originals gig. We were so ready to diss these okes as just another example of South African gig promoter’s obsession with kak white boy indie bands, but this is actually quite a catchy song and we like the whistling and the fact they kinda sound like a new age Weezer… Who cares if the lead singer is unfit, runs like an artfag and probably can’t surf?

You can catch the Drums live in South Africa…

Date: 16th November
Venue: Carlton Sky Rink
Carlton Center
150 Commissioner street

Cape Town:
Date: 17th November
Venue: Cape Town Market
110 Gunners Circle
Epping 1

General Admission – R350
Group Purchase – Five For the Price of Four – R1400

More here.

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  1. ShlongDong says:

    “they kinda sound like a new age Weezer”

    Erm… no.

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  2. May says:

    This is a rather old track. Come now Mahala. Feature something people don’t know about.

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  3. CNUT says:

    Jeez… this is ancient Drums… good all the same…

    But the real Drums are more renowned for their wonderfully droning blend of The Smiths-esque Roberty-Smith…

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  4. CNUT says:

    And yes these New York boys don;t surf…

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  5. Batman says:

    They’re from Florida originally. Come now, CNUT.

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