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The Day – Captain Stu


“Recorded music is whale blubber” said Brian Eno recently and the Stu’s have taken this to heart. They’re giving away their next EP because, god knows, the real money is in gigging; that or they’re insane and like to gig a lot. So here is the music video and a competition all in one. Watch the video and then tell us all the costumes that Ryk wears over the course of it. Winner gets double ticket to the launch at Zula this Friday, aka tonight, and a Free EP. I mean, everyone gets a free EP, but this one is free-er. Like Free Willy 3 free.

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  1. Hugh Morris says:

    in order of appearance: blue dinosaur, power ranger, pink bunny, spiderman, elvis…
    they change way too many times, those suits must stink

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  2. terri says:

    awesome stuff, really love it..one thing though, that house party the guys are playing at seems a bit of a cock fest..just saying.

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  3. Roger Young says:

    Capt Stu, kings of the sausage fest!

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