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The Chicken Song


Finally Freshlyground, in conjunction with ZA News, has written some overtly political music! South Africa’s World Cup supergroup have released a song calling on the dictator next door, Ol’ Bobby Mugabe, to become the hero he used to be and quit.

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  1. Cheerful Persimist says:

    As important as the message is, the video and song are cringe-worthy overproduced rubbish.

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  2. Rook says:

    God how’s all the faux-smiling. It’s kotch inducing. You can’t tell if they’re taking the piss or not. It’s so WAKA WAKA – for fucksake Freshlyground. Fire your stylist and try act natural. Whatever message they’re trying to get across is lost in the sheer atrociousness of the video… and the song. Sorry dudes. But that sucked a big hairy Robert Mugabe-sized pile.

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  3. Andy says:

    Nah, you guys are being too harsh… that bit when they do the co-ordinated chicken dance is great and provocative – especially when you consider how big this band is and how much reach they have – that’s quite a powerful message.

    And as we all know it’s very “unAfrican” to criticise and ridicule “leaders” so publicly.

    Don’t hate them for being Freshlyground. Cheesy Afro Pop is their shitck. What did you expect? Bob Marley.

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  4. K says:

    Like the director of the video said ‘it’s a music video not an essay’. It’s a cutesy, satirical pop song with an equally cutesy cheeky video to go with it.

    What I do wonder about tho is public reception – among the different racial and political groups in SA and Zim. It might be fodder for both the Rhodie and Mugabe-loyalist fringe nutters. Obviously the artists are not responsible for those feeding off of this in different ways, but while the thought of George Charamba, Bob’s righthand propaganda man, is probably foaming at the mouth invoking the Spirits of Chimurenga and enlisting the help of Bra Juju to rain down revolutionary terror upon Freshlyground and Zapiro (the bloody agents!) is absolutely hilarious, the flipside of ‘Rhodesians in exile’ producing more of their ‘Mugabe is a baboon’ bile is not funny at all.

    Anyway, in the more sane world, even those who hate this song gotta give these guys props for being provocative, facing the possibility of getting your song banned deserves automatic consciousness street cred, IMO, yes all things Waka Waka considered.


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  5. love it says:

    when is a music video over produced and when is a music video under produced? Is it possible to put in just the right amount of production to satisfy everybody?

    The guys are clearly having fun , while doing what they love!

    just let them have it, geez…

    great video!

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  6. mz fitz says:

    it’s zim in the 80’s fellows… the clothing was as atrocious as atrocious does.
    give the guys a break
    wakafakap and all (which millions around the world are still rocking to)

    chill… till the next episode

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  7. Chucky says:

    Freshly Ground and the Zapiro puppets are a logical team: both have loads of potential, you want to like them, and yet they consistently fail to deliver. However, must give both snaps, FG for saying Boo to Bob (however gently) and to ZAnews puppeteers and editor for the genius comic timing of Benni’s finger to Div. Funniest thing I’ve seen from a puppet since Jackson Mthembu’s last public statement.

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