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Terminatryx | Virus


Metal and all it’s derivatives scare me. It’s like really really dense and fast classical music with the threat of an unpleasant death. But after our last story on metal got so much interest in the comments we thought we’d actively seek out some local metal that is well produced and has a good video. Here is Terminatryx’s “The Virus”. The lead singer is hot and scary, with the balance tipping toward scary. And now let the comment boards rage with people calling me an idiot because this is not metal it’s post hardcore proto grunge death pogo stick something or something.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I say this as someone who likes metal. This band plays derivative teenage junk. Sorry.

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  2. yes says:

    Whatever it is, they seem to not realise that the 90s ended a long time ago.

    Really – dialup???

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  3. Thishiwe says:

    I blame Roger Young

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  4. wankbank says:

    what rubbish.

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  5. Pieter says:

    Maybe Mahala should just let the ‘Metal’ thing go seeing as though they seem to know fuckall about it.

    And this band is shit.

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  6. dudie says:

    what kak!

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  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m an ardent local metal supporter. Mahala managed to single out the one band that really doesn’t fit the description, or even really into the local scene at all.

    It’s really really terrible music.

    But, one interesting fact you guys left out: Christina Storm used to be in this ‘band’.

    You’re doing it very very wrong.

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  8. Chinless Fake Titted Ho says:

    sweet jesus this sucks the fat one …

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  9. God says:

    Give me something strong so I can swallow this shit

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  10. Scarredforlife says:

    this is fucking terrible.

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  11. METALMINION says:

    To all you non educated primitive people. The scene is progressing and LIMP GIZKIT is history. Big ups to TERMINATRYX. I was at your first live show and it knocked my musical metal mind to shreds. Do not listen to these uneducated baboons that most probably haven’t ever seen a guitar plugged into an amp. Production of the video is really something out there and a great turn around for music video production in S.A music. \nn/

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  12. Dana says:

    This was obviously done by an uneducated, lifeless coward!!!

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  13. Dana says:

    I can’t believe people would give an idiot like you freedom of speech!!!

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  14. emo scene slayer says:

    most of you people know nothing about industrial metal! fok julle as j ni dit like ni dont listne to it,di band is befok live unlike al dai kak emo bands wat net break downs jam en inhaling kak deathcore vocals doen soos the impalement theory wat klink soos n pot kak in n blender

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  15. deathclock says:

    With a name like Dana i wouldnt be posting anything any where ever. Go play with your westlife CD’s.

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  16. bephemet says:

    I love the new video, brilliant production. You guys bring something different to the metal scene which is amazing. They are a great bunch of people making good music. I have to agree, with a name like Dana, I would just choke on a Westlife or wait, Kurt Darren cd…

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  17. thepitt says:

    Who wrote the review. I mean common, WTF seriously. Now to get to this part in you comment “And now let the comment boards rage with people calling me an idiot ” you have this little piece right my friend. Not to even mention your little section that says ” this is not metal it’s post hardcore proto grunge death pogo stick something or something” Holly damn thats the dummest statement i have ever heard. Leave it to metal minded people to decide and seriously get someone on this blog that has a bigger wording vocab and actually listens to metal. Terminatryx You Rock !!!!!

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  18. darkfiend says:

    Terminatryx is an experimental outfit geared towards a number of pretty specific themes. The fact that the band is comprised of a number of members from metal bands (VOD, Gramlich, Mind Assault) does certainly not mean that Terminatryx is by any means an act which is trying to appeal to a specifically metal audience. So to have pigeon-holed this video under “metal” has just been an open invitation (as the author clearly intended) to provoke a riot. Incidentally, this appears to be this sites modus operandi, so well done on hitting the nail on the head. Its just a shame that this is what modern media has boiled down to

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  19. Dana says:

    I think I should clear my name before someone tries bashing me again, I’m not for this useless, beyond stupid post, trashing Terminatryx. I believe this person is a worthless being that does not deserve being called human. Obviously his mommy didn’t love him enough as a baby to put culture into his life.

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