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We were going to say something snarky about how international audiences still give a shit about Die Antwoord while back home we’ve all moved on. Then we watched this and kakked ourselves.

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  1. The models posing on the DASO poster says:

    Is this a Jane Alexander rip-off?

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  2. die polony van benoni says:

    I fink it’s hot air and it’s tired, it’s tired.

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  3. Tyrion Lannister says:

    Hopefully this means they are drifting away from the Zef thing and moving in a new conceptual direction – might actually be interesting. Kinda like the way the heart of ‘evil’ America is ripped right out of Nija’s chest… slightly ironic that the Americans will dig this the most?

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  4. james says:

    its a bit main stream for me

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  5. blue tuesday says:

    does anyone agree that the antwoord have great videos but rather banal music? i could never listen to that song on mp3.

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  6. Dylan says:

    Total Jane Alexander rip off! KAK!

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  7. Al says:


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  8. your mom says:

    lame, and boring. these guys are finished. malema is more exciting

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  9. Fuckface says:

    Oh it is so funny to see how the Cape Town hipsters and arty-farties and trendy muso’s hate Die Antwoord. They are so jealous they can shit themselves. How pathetic.

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  10. Anonymous says:


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  11. feed the trolls says:

    Everyone on these boards loved Die Antwoord when they were unknown, but its not cool when they become successful. Lame on you.

    Die Antwoord haven’t sold out, told their label to fuck off when 99% of other bands would have folded to keep their 5 album deal etc. They aren’t US pop/rock clones (like most of the popular bands we have in SA) and they keep getting weirder. They are great live. What more do you want? Apart from needing to whine I mean…

    (And yes, white figures in masks were invented by Jane Alexander. Jeeeezus. Even if that is the reference, it’s a great South African reference… everything is a remix. get over it)

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  12. dudie says:

    @ dylan. don’t you get it? the jane alexander reference is totally purposeful. the demons of apartheid vs. the demon that is america. they are trying to bridge south african and american reality, universalizing the concept. waddy is not an idiot, he knows exactly what he is doing with every piece of imagery.

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  13. Andy says:

    Die Antwoord used a Jane Alexander reference. Then they move on to the next. Mahala tries to be Vice magazine. And doesn’t move on.

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  14. Andy says:

    hey Andy, that’s my name

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  15. your mom says:

    bla bla blaaaa, if die antwoord are such big artists then why are they making pisspop cracker ass tunes about your ma se poes? or rich bitch. hahaha, how the fuck is that art. it’s the same as if I record a queef and build a toast fountain from it.

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  16. kkd says:

    Actually it’s a complete Matthew Barney rip-off, not Judith Mason, right down top the creature look, gore and horns… but that’s just what pop is all about I guess.

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  17. kkd says:

    Jeez I just re-read all the comments, man talk about going down the Jane Alexander garden path. Seriously just Google Matthew Barney.

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  18. carcrashmagnet says:

    loving Die Antwoord’s representation of macabre SA artists Ballen and Alexander, what’s next?

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