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Stole The Moon

by Dylan Muhlenberg / 28.02.2012

From Director Dave Meinert and DOP Michael Cleary, who worked with Pieter Hugo on Spoek’s “Control” comes a video where Inge sings backwards, creeps through tunnels and scares the bejesus out of us.

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  1. inaccurate says:

    It is a different director entirely. the DOP co-directed Spoek and was also the DOP on it.

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  2. dylan muhlenberg says:


    Why would you publish this as if I’d sent it to you as a contributor? You took my tweet and made an article out of it? Pretty swak. Now it’s me, Jordy and Parow against Mahala. You’re proper fucked now, pal.

    Anyway, if I was writing an article I’d tweak the wording a bit to avoid any ambiguity from the general public.

    While my tweet is technically correct, I was limited to 140 characters, if I wasn’t I would’ve added that Michael filmed both videos, except he DOP’ed and co-directed Spoek, and DOP’ed Lark while Dave Meinert directed it.

    Being more well known, Pieter Hugo’s name is most commonly associated with Spoek. Michael, Pieter and Dave all work really hard on passion projects like these where they sink their own money into them.

    We all know what it means, but I think a lot of people could read the way it is currently worded incorrectly. I would appreciate it if you would consider clarifying it a bit more. Why not do a proper interview with the crew. It’s a pretty amazing story, filming in those old tunnels that run under the city…

    Also I’d appreciate it if you didn’t publish my tweets as your articles. I signed a big ol’ contract that was very specific about freelancing.

    Also, after that bullshit you wrote about Parow I’d rather not be associated with your gutter-press.

    I’m about healthy living now, bitch. Read my fitness blog here: http://blog.mh.co.za/

    good for now

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  3. Roger Young says:

    I used to think Dave was just a tall guy who like to hug me, now I know that he’s a fucking boss music video director.

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  4. Dave says:

    I always hoped the first time something I did appeared on Mahala, Roger Young would been mean about it like he is about most things. Thanks Roger.

    PS you made a typo. It’s ‘liked’, not ‘like, although it should be ‘love.’

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  5. Roger Young says:

    Dave, I promise if I had been asked to write about it, I would have been super mean, I promise.

    Next time, pal, next time.

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  6. The Real Dave says:

    That was someone pretending to be me. I would not diss you on a typo.

    PS Isn’t this how you guys in the internet biz start what you call a troll?

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  7. The Real Roger Young says:


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  8. Is It Just Me says:

    Or did Muhlenburg just get Die Antwoorded?

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  9. Lager Sometimes Cider says:

    Muhlenberg, please get off your high horse. Your “fitness” journalism is obviously so awesome and relevant. Give me a break, you hack.

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  10. David says:

    Cool video and song…

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  11. yoh says:

    Mulhlenberg rulz. Meinert rulz. Davis can eat a dick.

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