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Shadow of the Earth


MiNNAAR’s new music video is now has been released today! ‘Shadow of the Earth’ is the second video the brother-sister duo (Louis and Magdalene Minnaar) have made with songs from their EP Safe & Sound. We asked them a few questions about the ‘Shadow of the Earth’ vid.

MAHALA: What is the song about?

MINNAAR: The track is about all the mysteries that goes on behind the shadow of the earth. All those hidden things that we cannot describe but only imagine what they look, sound and feel like.

Where did you find inspiration for the music vid?

I tried to keep the animated elements in the video as reactive as possible to what you hear in the track. The idea was to create this landscape of textures and light that take the shape the sound that is being heard.

Do you find it hard to translate the sound to something visual?

No. Its what I do.

Did you have fun making it? Was it hard work? How long has it taken?

Yes, lots of fun. I shot this in my living room with a greenscreen and some lights. It being my sister performing and my house as a location made it very relaxed and all round fun. The hard part was putting the animated elements together after the shoot – but that is the part I enjoy most.

Will you work your way through the EP and make videos for all of your songs?

We would have loved to do this – but unfortunately these videos take lots of time to make and one simply cannot afford to do just the passion projects the whole time. Gotta eat.

When are you next performing live?

No idea. Someone invite us to play then we can give you an answer.

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