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Here’s how we like our folk-pop. Hopeful and gloomy with hints of the global financial crisis at its edges. The video may be too purposefully quirky but you gotta forgive the guy, he’s from Bethlehem.

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  1. cnut says:

    Love it… has an eerie apocalyptic feel visually… very Mad Max 3… definitely one of the more original RSA ‘one-man-and-his-guitar’ bands…

    Reminiscent of a lot of stuff coming out of Australia at the moment… Boy and the Bear, Gotye, Kimbra, Seeker, Lover Keeper, Sparkadia, Josh Pyke etc etc etc…

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  2. beautiful says:

    absolutely beautiful.

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  3. worth 3 minutes of your life says:

    Seriously can’t believe that this post has received so little response.

    Come on mense, give it a listen, sure Mr Shields is a little quirky, but it’s a brilliant song, think Fast Car for the economic slow down.

    I have played this several times every day since first hearing it on Mahala.

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  4. sugarbean555 says:

    loving it. seriously.. totally cool. (bethlehem nogal)

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  5. sugarbean555 says:

    oh ja, in response to “worth 3 minutes of your life” .. i posted a link to Brendon’s ROCKSTARDOM vid on gesigboek & tweeted it too. supercool and hoping he gets tonsa views via the virus that is social media.. jaja

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