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Rock'em Fam - Opening Image

Rock’em Fam


Fuck Die Antwoord, this is the real shit, straight out of Langa. Rock’em Fam’s full mixtape drops next month and it’s gonna smear your face all over the pavement. Look out for a full article in the near future.

*Check them out on Facebook and Soundcloud.

*Image by Luke Daniel.

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  1. lindokushle says:

    Dudes from Langa rapping in sesotho?

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  2. Andy says:

    melting pot kasi

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  3. Luke D says:


    Motswako Champion, Mic Daaiman.

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  4. Mic Daaiman says:

    Like steve wonder or kekana you haven’t seen shit…
    Rock’em with out heavy metal katara…

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  5. 808 says:


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  6. sample king says:

    We the future and Rock’em can’t make it without ur support. The mixtape is gonna be gorillas..

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  7. Lewis says:

    Saying, Fuck Die Antwoord is stupid.

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  8. Thandiwe says:

    I am from Langa. Well done guys. In langa we speak Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho and Venda baby. Awesome guys.

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  9. Thandiwe says:

    Did I mentions English? Oh well, this is cool.

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  10. Thandiwe says:


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  11. Billz says:

    My baby.
    Only a conquerer could do this.

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  12. pedro de pacas says:

    rock’em fam…

    rock’em squad is a much better name.

    and by better i mean even more generic.

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  13. JM Koet$ee says:

    Jesus, he’s right. This thing flows, far better than anything in Waddy’s dreams.

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