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We were gonna say that the vocalist sounds exactly like Jack White. We were gonna say that The Raconteurs have a video done in exactly the same style. But we think The Revelators know it and do what they do with their tongues firmly against their cheeks. For their satirical lyrics and ballsy delivery, we salute them. 

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  1. verveeld says:

    Is there no originality in the local music scene anymore?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck is this???
    holy fucking shit I am insulted.

    There is nothing tongue in cheek about plaigirism.
    I would feel ashamed.

    How does a south african surburb kid justify sounding like the vocal style Jack White is aiming for (and his influences on those) ?? The guitars, the drums. Here’s some news: You might suck on your instruments and because of that, are trying to dumb it down and disguise it in garage power chords, but jack white does not.

    This is terrible.

    Go die. Please.
    It sums up everything I hate about this fucking scene.

    Since you clearly are fans: how do you think the white stipes or ranconteurs would respond to this poor imitation attempt. I like to think they’d laugh in your face and then question their choices.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    ‘The Revelators – We’ll make them like new’ –
    No, you wont.

    You’re badly rehashing songs that were trying to rehash songs in an original way. What does that make you?

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  4. jay says:

    i think jack white would love this!

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  5. Andy says:

    Just so you all know, I purposefully didn’t say anything…

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  6. Anonymous says:

    …and the American accents?

    It’s a piss-take, but not an ironic one.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with singing with an American accent? Mick Jagger and Robert Plant sang with American accents.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    and still do, as do many other non-American artists

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  9. Anonymous says:

    I still think the sound exactly like Snow Patrol. And Snow Patrol also did a stop frame vid before. WTF ?!!!

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  10. Sigue Sigue Sputnik says:

    If they had any balls they’d hire a helicopter.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    I really don’t understand why people post negative comments about bands on here. Are you guys hoping the bands will read this? And if they did, do you really think they would give a crap what a bunch of anonymous nobodys had to say? Stop wasting your time.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    the bands do read it.
    Bands in this country read EVERY BIT of media response they get.
    And they fucking know it.

    I hope they read this and see how they made a mistake that day they sat around and decided ‘Man, writing original music is hard! Lets just copy another popular style and band! It worked great for them! I’ll sing like an American, that will make us way better!’

    Fucking shit. Insulting to their potential market.
    Like we wouldn’t have noticed or cared? How stupid do you take us for.


    Do bands even get excited when they ‘write’ a song that sounds exactly like another band / song? I hope not. This one obviously did cause they went and made a whole music video too.

    Hahaha, idiots:

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they feel like they’re original cause they were like, ‘Man, we’ll be the first band in SA to sound just like The White Stripes! Just like them! Imagine that!’

    Pushing envelopes!

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Haha. So you do actually think bands read this shit! Well, whatever makes you feel better about yourself I guess. If you think that some nobodys opinion will be held in higher regard than the opinions of real people who attend and enjoy their shows, you’re delusional.

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  15. Phil says:

    @Anonymous – so what you are saying is that because you watch them live, your opinion is more relevant? thats pretty pig-headed

    oh… and btw, being a musician… we do read these sorts of things, although it must be said that mahala pretty much scrapes the barrel when it comes to a fair opinion of what is good and bad.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    @Phil Fair enough, but don’t you agree that feedback, whether it be negative or positive, would be more relevant coming from someone who is actually at a gig than from an anonymous person on a website?

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  17. Phil says:

    It does not matter where the opinion comes from. If someone hears a band online or sees them live, they are still experiencing the band. Online exposure, and consequently, opinion is what generates either love or hate. As a musician, obviously i want people to experience the live show but thats not always going to be the way things work.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    @Phil point taken.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    and, in person, you’d probably be choking down their cock too much to give honest review.

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  20. Louis B says:

    these guys are a Kak kif band.

    C then live and you will see that not everything sounds like Jack white and his friends.

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  21. Uranus says:

    This post is such a setup – instead of letting people decide for themselves, it starts off suggestively as to who or what this band sounds like, to pre-determine conclusions from those who are waiting on the edge of their keyboards for the opportunity to yet again spit bile over another useless Mahala post/article.

    The fact that they do sound like other bands/artists just betrays their influences. So yay. All bands and musicians are influenced, some struggle to find their own sound, and some are still learning to create their own sound. Give them a bloody break, and stop being such whiney bitches. There are far more useless and far more shitty conformist bands than this out there to take down that are doing way more damage to our scene, and as a consequence kill it for the small guys by making vinegar-tits [like the majority of people that read this site] even more piss-mouthed than they already are and keeping them from the clubs. This band is, in effect, a start up. They have a little album or EP or whatever and some buzz, and that’s about it – they still have a long way to go and for the majority, so far, it’s not all that bad.

    Let’s all rather agree to crucify bands that are in a position to influence the mindless masses, ala Parlobonerfuckfaces or Prime-rib Circle-jerk, than kill off this (and other) emerging talent, that besides for their obvious flaws, are at least, on a better path than those soulless corporate cockshines. Get in the clubs, show some fucking support and motivate emerging talent to be original.

    [This video isn’t that great btw]

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  22. john says:

    i love the white stripes and the revelators. i dont think that the revelators sound anything like the white stripes. The video is o.k. not the best in the world, but o.k. why argue anyway. if you like them, you like them, if you dont you dont. whatever.

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  23. verveeld says:

    Is there no originality amongst mahala commentors anymore?

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  24. Anonymous says:

    I think they are a great live band. Yeah, this song in particular does sound more like The White Stripes but I think you’d need to see them live or hear their other songs before you say that The Revelators sound like The White Stripes.

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  25. Thomas says:

    Julle mense wat kak comments los is idiots! regtig! hoe kan jy enige iets se sonder dat jy weet van waar af die band kom?

    Hier is vir julle negatiewe fokkers ‘n bietjie advice! as jy nie daarvan hou nie MOET NIE DAARNA FOKKIN LUISTER NIE! of nog beter, koop hulle cd, speel dit vir jou buddies en bitch, dan sal hulle darem die kans he om goeie musiek tussen deur julle bitchery te hoor!

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  26. Thomas says:

    oh, en net sodat ek dit state, ek dink regtig hulle is een van ons beter local bands! hulle het nie dieselfde pad as fokof, a king of enige van die ander gevolg nie, hulle is baie uniek in ons mark!

    jammer dat hulle nou nie soos fokin ray dylan of een van daai ouens klink nie, ons almal weet dit fok jou sokkie op

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  27. john says:

    well said thomas.

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