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Here it is, fresh as a hot cross bun. This is the new video from Pretoria acoustic prog rockers Isochronous

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  1. surely not says:

    Electric bass, electric guitars with effects, and synthed piano patch – you may want to remove that “acoustic” tag from your description.

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  2. Andy says:

    yeah good point… but they busy flogging their acoustic album on our site…

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  3. surely not says:

    Okay, you’re “flogging” that album by pointing your banner to their facebook page where the album is not on sale. Like, is this marketing or just confusion?

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  4. great band says:

    cool band kak video-budget would be cool i guess-just a bit literal focusing on the instruments ect-needs some landscape vibes or animation for this sound?

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  5. great bands think alike says:

    they’re like 22 year old Pretoria jazz students… they don’t even have a record deal, you can’t expect them to have a commercial site selling the album. If you want to buy a copy drop them a message through their FB page or go to a gig

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  6. surely not says:

    If their sales channels are that dodgy then they may as well post MP3’s on Rapidshare and be done with it.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    this is prog rock????

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  8. @great bands think alike says:

    Half the band is 25 so I dont think you can blame bad business sense on age

    But last time I checked the best place to buy a bands album is at their show

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  9. Moja! says:

    they are great! get your songs online people. make it easy.

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