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Have Desmond And The Tutus finally lost it? Succumbed to some eons-old venereal disease? Because, however good their new record might be, it sure won’t turn upper class white grannies into mermaids. Good try though.

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  1. jislaaik says:

    Uiters, uiters kak. Makes me embarassed to be a Saffa.

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  2. Pascal says:

    jeez that should have been 30 sec, if that.

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  3. Shmeg says:

    Somebody has been watching far too much Tim & Eric.

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  4. CFK says:

    Your use of the word ‘Saffa’ makes me embarrassed to be one.

    I think the irony of this video is so extreme that it’s bound to go over everyone’s heads.

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  5. sb says:

    agreed Shmeg.

    i appreciate this new direction, but it is really hard to do Tim & Eric as well as Tim & Eric

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  6. Mike says:

    I dunna care what the others think. I loved that, until it got into a sales pitch, the beginning part made me snort. But still, pretty out there, clearly Tim & Eric inspired, but nonetheless, guffaw-inducing. I welcome this and its variations please.

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  7. jfk says:


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  8. Soapbox says:

    The only thing related to this video that is totally lacking in irony is my hatred of it. Even Suburban Bliss was funnier than this.

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