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Luminous Anonymity


Behold the late 90s when lounge culture was king before everyone chilled out to the point of departure. True romantics The Honeymoon Suites provided South African hipsters with a soundtrack to their decadent disconnect. Kevin Parisienne’s liquid chocolate vocals made the girls tremble while the band played swing jazz porno funk, while dressing up and falling apart. “Glamourous girls ain’t what they seem. Out the back door, catch limousine…”

Thank you “Beautiful broken angel and mysterious benefactor Mark Neff RIP” Majita Films, Mike Berg, Sorcha Vasey, Petra Mason, Lisa Brice, Lukas Luislang, Justin Youens, Richard Starkey and all the glitter soaked quality babes who made the video without which we would have nothing but sketchy memory.

And the reason the quality is so shitty, is because this video was shot on film, then reproduced on VHS before being digitized. But that’s kind of how we remember the late 90s anyway… so we let it ride!

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